love your lv replica
Louis Vuitton Replicas are one of those things that are easy to get bored of. This is probably because they go with you everywhere. You buy the perfect Louis Vuitton knock off, carry it for a few months, then all of the sudden find yourself dreading the moments you have to take it with you.

They can make your outfits feel outdated and give you the feeling of needing to replace your entire wardrobe. But just because you feel like you need to break off the relationship with your old fake LV, doesn’t mean you have to. There are eight ways for you to rekindle your relationship with your replica Louis Vuittons and save yourself money by doing so!

  1. Get to the root of the problem

Why are you tired of your LV? Is because it’s old and worn, or did you simply see a commercial with a bag you just had to have because it’s new? Once you figure this out, you’ve done the hard part. We live in a society where new is better, even though this isn’t always the case. Remember, vintage is coming back and your bag, although probably not considered vintage yet, has been with you through a lot. Try looking at it from a different perspective, because someone out there is looking at your bag wishing they could have it.

  1. Sort, sort, and sort

Get into that closet of yours and start sorting your handbags. This will allow you to see what your working with and you might even find some bags you forgot existed.

Go ahead and start pile one. This is the pile of bags you know you need. This doesn’t just mean you need them because they’re high-functioning bags, it also means you can’t part ways with them because you just simply love their aesthetic. Whether that be because of the chic design or quirky features, you just know the bag embodies you.

Pile two is the “eh, I kind of like you, but I’m not so sure if I love you” pile. When you grab a bag out of your closet and you have to look at it awhile and ask yourself questions to decide if you really like it, you know it belongs in pile two.

Now you ‘ve made it to pile three, also known as the misfits. These are the replica designer handbags you know just aren’t for you. These bags aren’t necessarily going to be easy for you to part ways with, but it’s something you know needs to be done. Go ahead and say bye and donate these or try to make a little extra cash by selling them. Be happy knowing you’ll give this bag a good home by allowing someone else to make countless memories with it!

  1. Hide them away

After you’ve gotten rid of pile three, you’re ready to hide away some knock off Louis Vuitton to see if you miss them. Take all the bags from pile two and put them out of sight for at least one month. Rotate the bags you placed in pile one and see if you’re satisfied with your handbags. This will allow you to make use of your entire wardrobe and will also help you get creative with your outfits.

If there were any times during the month you had to take a handbag out of the hiding spot from pile two, you might want to leave that bag out and just set it aside to “simmer.”

P.S. It might be a good idea for you to take pictures of your outfits of the month.

  1. Take a step back

Now it’s time for you to take a step back and look at your month of handbags. Take all of your bags that were locked away from pile two out of their hiding place. If you used any of these during the previous months, move them to pile one. The bags you didn’t touch or think about need to go straight to the donate pile.

Congratulations, you just down-sized your bags!

  1. Give your bags some TLC

Take a look at the imitation LV your left with. They might need a good cleaning. Look up places that clean handbags and send them off for a little spa treatment. When you get them back, they will feel like a completely new bag.

You can also do this at home. Look up ways to refresh your leather bags and have a handbag DIY spa day. Make sure to do some research before digging in and cleaning them. You want to be gentle and not ruin them!

  1. Re-vamp your bags

That’s right, you can accessorize your bags! Make your handbag look brand new by adding charms to it. You can even change the strap out! If you’re feeling a little craft, try sewing patches on. Whatever you choose, personalize your bag and make it you. There’s no such thin as too much accessorizing. Go ahead and head on out to your local craft store and get your charm on.

  1. Keep your eyes on your bag

It will always be tempting to spend tons of money on bags you don’t need. After going through all this work, the last thing you want to do is buy a bag and ruin all your progress. Avoid this by keeping your eyes on your bags. Remember, you can always add to them and make them new again!

  1. Don’t just buy any bag

If you still feel the need to purchase a new Louis Vuitton fake bag, don’t buy just any bag. Make sure to read these tips and get one that will last and that has a timeless look to it. To save some money, you can go to a thrift store and see if they have any nice ones. Most importantly, remember to research your brand before buying!