Designer Discreet has been around the online replica scene for sometime. There are many Designer Discreet reviews online, with a majority of them being negative ones, indicating that they’ve been disappointed by DesignerDiscreet.

However, I couldn’t fight off my replica temptations so I decided to try them out. How did that turned out? Read on to learn about my experience with Designer Discreet.

I love to try out new things. So, when I stumbled on DesignerDiscreet website, their website convinced me into thinking they had a lot to offer. I felt I was in the right place where I could indulge in attractive luxury purses at affordable rates.

To be honest, I was more drawn to order from them because they offered lower prices than LuxuryTastic Replicas, which is probably the best replica website available right now.

Being a stay-at-home mom, I’m always looking for the best ways to save money. With this in mind, I decided to give Designer Discreet a try with the intention to keep them as an alternative if they impressed me.

So, did they impress me as much as their website did? Were they worth my time and money?

Well, you’ll need to read on to find that out.

It’ll be worth your while.

Designer Discreet Review – My First Experience With Them

I’ll start with a piece of advice…always trust your guts. At least 9 out of 10 times, I made that mistake like the one I did with AAA handbags. When I was about to complete my handbag order on Designer Discreet, I felt something was off. This made me delay the payment for a few days.

The seller must have noticed my abandoned cart and hence, sent me an email and SMS to convince me further of their transparency and honesty. Funny enough, they gave me a little tip. They suggested that I could order something small as a ‘test buy’ to try them out.

I took the advice of course and ordered an LV keycharm for $130 and made my payment via Western Union. I got an order confirmation email and within a few weeks, the keycharm arrived.

The keycharm itself was OK in my opinion and so, I felt more relaxed completing the handbag purchase.

The Horror With DesignerDiscreet Begins

My sister’s birthday was close and the handbag I ordered for $350 was going to be my gift to her. Once again I made the payment via Western Union. I got a confirmation from Western Union to let me know that the money had reached them.

Western Union then called me and tried to discourage my payment to Designer Discreet but I still insisted on the approval.

Unlike my first purchase, Designer Discreet didn’t send me a payment confirmation. I had to keep sending out emails. After about 10 days, they sent me an email with the message below:


We have received your Western Union payment.

So sorry, The Chanel bag you purchased just has two bags left and unfortunately, both of them were found to have flaws.

We couldn’t send the defective bags on your behalf. We highly suggest that you change to other styles or colors. You can choose other styles that are worth 349 USD.

We will appreciate it if you can tell us your decision ASAP. We make an apology for the inconvenience to you. This situation is totally out of our control. Hope you understand!“

I like making excuses for people but there’s a limit. Receiving my Western Union payment, not sending me a payment confirmation and not replying to my urgent emails doesn’t cut it for me. Then sending me a ridiculous excuse after 10 days of silence is nothing close to a seller who claims to be transparent.

With this, I knew for sure that the bag will never arrive in time for my sister’s birthday and that’s if it even arrives.

But I made another excuse for them and hoped they came through with their promise. So, I quickly chose another Chanel bag for them to send with the faith that they were not shady or trying to rip me off.

How Disgusted I Am With Designer Discreet.

Well, I got the Chanel bag but guess what?

It was an obvious fake! It looked so fake, I could get something like this for $30 or less on iOffer. I couldn’t let it go and so, I sent a complaint email. They replied saying that replicas aren’t meant to be as exact as the authentic.

I then informed them of the color which was at least 5 shades lighter on the stickers.

Their reply, “There are good and bad batches and we can’t control it”.

Really? I’m paying over $350 per bag and you’re telling me that you can’t control how it comes out? I was more irritated when their solution was, “First, we can’t do anything.”

My sister would have wished I didn’t get her anything if she got to see the bag so I pushed further. They agreed to have it exchanged but only if I was willing to pay for all the shipping costs. They also pointed out the risk of the bag getting seized by Chinese customs and so they don’t recommend it.

Now, this is where they got on my nerves. They offered me a $120 wallet as ‘replacement’ on the condition that I make more bag orders from them to enjoy an additional 5% off.

Ladies and gentlemen…I lost it. You sent me a horrible and you still want me to spend more of my time and money on you?

First, you assure me that what I see on your website is what I get but when I don’t, you tell me it’s normal and I’m unlucky this was a bad batch. Your “compensation” is for me to send more money for you to ship a wallet as a replacement.

If this isn’t crazy then I don’t know what is.

Stay away from Designer Discreet!

I’m disappointed beyond words. Disappointed with their quality, customer service, lack of solutions…EVERYTHING.

I learned my lesson the hard way. Learn from my experience and don’t waste your money on them.

In the end, I had to get a dress for my sister as a gift. I should have just stuck to LuxuryTastic Replicas where I rarely have complaints. I was just tempted by their cheaper prices.

Remember the saying, “You get what you pay for”. It’s very true in the world of replicas so buyer beware!

Thinking of Designer Discreet for your next replica purchase? Don’t do it! Shop with LuxuryTastic.

If you don’t want to take my word for it and want to know why I’m recommending them as the better option then you’ll need to read my LuxuryTastic review.