I found the AAA Handbags website while I was trying to add to my replica knowledge on the internet. So. I felt I should try them out. Did the AAAHandbags website live up to their name? Find that out in my AAA Handbags review.

AAA Handbags

If you don’t know what the term “AAA replicas” mean then I’ll quickly run through that.

“AAA replicas” are the highest quality of fake handbags available on the market. They’re also called “super-fakes”.

I know for a fact that Luxurytastic Replicas (if you don’t know about them, you can read my Luxurytastic review) do manufacture the highest-quality replicas, but can another company do the same?

This will put a lot of demand and pressure as a name for any company but AAA Handbags claims it’s not intimidated by this challenge.

They’re eager to be as convincing as possible on being the best replica store in town and that they’ve got all it takes to give you only high-quality replica bags.

Well, I must say that their website is pleasant and appealing. It’s far from the usual fake online sites we’re all used to. They’ve got a lively purple color scheme with nice flowery designs. It’s impressive.

Their website is user-friendly and that works for me too. There are just two menu bars- one on top with links for you to browse through the collections by Product, Designer and Style. The other bar is detailed and is on the left side of the page with a long list of the brands they have available.

But do they live up to their name and the standard they’ve set for themselves?

AAA Handbags Quality

The wise thing for me to do when trying out a seller is to make a small ‘test buy’ first, just like what I did with Designer Discreet. That said, I decided to buy an LV Favorite MM in Damier Ebene canvas from them.

I made my payment via Western Union and their initial communication was good. I’ll give them that.

So, how is their replica like? You can start by going through the pictures I took of my purchase here: https://imgur.com/a/EFgofsx

Quality – 6.5/10

  • The quality of the canvas is nice and feels like the authentic ones I have.
  • I’ll need to deduct 0.5 marks from the rating based on the print. It’s of average quality but could be crispier.
  • I’m removing 1 mark on the hardware, it has a cheap plastic feel.
  • I’m taking away 1 mark on the strap…it looks and feels cheap.
  • The interior fabric lining looks cheap, so 1 more mark removed.

Accuracy – 5.5 /10.

  • The canvas has a nice feel. But the color has a slight tone to it that I find weird. I’m very good when it comes to knowing the correct authentic tone as I’ve seen and held one before. However these variations can come up in the original too so, I’m not bothered about this. I’ll only take 0.5 marks based on this from the rating.
  • For an expensive replica, I think the alignment is just OK. They can be better but this is OK for me. So, I’ll just deduct 0.5 marks.
  • The shape and size of the bag are like the authentic Favorite MM Damier Azur canvas that I have.
  • I’ll have to deduct 2 marks on the hardware and straps. It feels very plastic-like.
  • For the color and shade, I’m removing 1 mark. The color isn’t as bright as the authentic and the shade is a little off.
  • The Interior stamp looks too fake and is inaccurate. The Date Code is wrong and the tab bearing the codes looks and feels like plastic. So take away 0.5 marks for that too.

Communication with AAA Handbags – 5/10

After placing my order, the communication was good. They were very friendly and responsive before I made any payment. But once they received my payment via Western Union, their responses became slower.

It was even worse when I got my order. I had complaints and when I sent emails, they were VERY slow and after a while, they just stopped responding. I guess I was becoming a bother, right? That’s quite surprising.

Satisfaction with this replica – 0/10

So – just in case you don’t know – AAAHandbags claims to offer 30 days return policy. According to their policy, you’ll need to contact them within the first 15 days of your purchase if you’ll need an exchange or a refund. Then you’ll need to send the item back before the end of the first 30 days.

Maybe I’m missing something because my attempts to get a refund or probably an exchange proved abortive. They didn’t even respond to my emails.

Takeaway From My AAA Handbags Review.

This review is for you to learn from my experience. Don’t waste your time or money, guys. For the quality they’re offering, iOffer or DHGate can give you the same for $30-$50. Think about it.

Do you know what’s funny? The price point of this bad replica is the same as the one on LuxuryTastic Replicas. Yet, their quality and customer service are nothing like LuxuryTastic. What was I thinking though?

I’ve never been disappointed by LuxuryTastic.

I paid $295 for this product and it wasn’t worth it. An untrained eye will easily call it out as a fake even if he/she doesn’t know so much about the LV brand.

My habit of finding alternatives has got to stop and I believe my decision to stick with LuxuryTastic will be firmer this time. I don’t know why my curiosity keeps getting the best of me.

However, you don’t have to be like me, stick with your trusted dealer. LuxuryTastic is mine. Tested and trusted.