When you want to begin your journey into the fashion world, women’s designer handbags are usually going to be your first point of call. Why?

women's designer handbags

Well, what other fashion accessory is worth indulging in if not a designer handbag? They’re not only great at elevating even the simplest outfits…they’d last you a lifetime.

There won’t be that tiny voice making you doubt if it would fit or making you wonder if it would get in the way of your style.

Instead, you’d agree that having a designer handbag will complement your style and leave you with plenty of options on how to have fun with it.

So, if you’re looking to get your first designer handbag or just love learning about them then this guide is for you.

Enjoy the ride…

Why Are Women’s Designer Handbags So Expensive?

Authentic women’s designer handbags exorbitant prices have led to the increasing popularity of Louis Vuitton replica, Gucci replica and other fake designer bags.

Have you ever wondered why designer bags have price tags that are enough for a car or house’s down payment? If yes, then these are the reasons:

  • Material.

Let’s take the Hermes Birkin Bag for example which costs about $8,000 – $300,000. These stylish bags are made from different materials that have been well processed and smoothened for durability. Some are made from leathers, cowhides or even from the skins of mountain goats.

There’s the Box Calf leather – known as Hermes oldest leather – that highlights the brand’s feature polish that doesn’t wane.

The Evercalf leather isn’t left behind as it’s famous for its incredibly soft texture that appears to get more elegant with time.

When the Birkin bags are made from the popular Hermes crocodile skins, the prices go sky-high. This is because the skins used are gotten from white crocodiles that can take years to mature properly.

Unblemished crocodile skins are what’s needed to make an outstanding bag. Yet, finding them can prove a challenge as crocodiles get injured in fights amongst themselves and with other creatures.

Let’s not get started on the gold clasps and diamond studs that are used in decorating the bags. Now you can finally see how all the numbers add up.

  • Craftsmanship.

You’re probably aware that the Hermes Birkin Bag was named after the French actress and singer, Jane Birkin. Well, if you know that then you should also know that each Birkin bag is hand—made by one craftsman.

The craftsman is usually required to train for two years before he or she is considered fit to work on a Birkin bag.

In turn, a craftsman would need about 18 – 24 hours to make one bag and this is why there are limited editions each year too.

If you love Mulberry bags then it’d interest you to know that they’re first drawn as mock sketches on paper before being designed on the computer. This is done until the right sizing is confirmed.

Each production stage is timed to determine the number of hands needed for making the bag before the costs are calculated. The bag design is then polished and then production starts.

So, if you see the Mulberry bag of your dreams costing over $1,000 then the complex process is one of the reasons why.

How to Shop For the Best Designer Handbags

Buying yourself a stylish handbag from one of the best replica websites will need plenty of guesswork on knowing if you’re about to make the right choice. It’s also no surprise that you’d come across a lot of opinions on this.

However, if you’re either getting your first designer handbag or just want to make a well-informed choice for your next bag, then you’ll find our tips a shopping stress-reliever.

  • The Price Factor.

First, you’d need to have a set budget on what you can afford and stick to it. It’s very possible to come across a designer bag that costs less than $1,000 or to even go for pre-owned handbags as they serve as a cheaper alternative.

All that matters is that the bag you choose should suit you. Also, bear in mind that you don’t need to be deep in debt over a designer bag when you could just save up for it.

  • The Brand Choice.

Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Louis Vuitton…we can go on and on as there are so many fashion handbag brands to choose from. The question now rests on which to go for.

To help with your choice of brand, we’d advise you to streamline the designer brands according to your style.

Do you love being classic? Then the Chanel or Saint Laurent [YSL] designer brand is calling to you.

Naturally edgy? Why not try Givenchy or even Gucci?

  • Use

What type of bag do you want? An everyday bag, travel bag, outing bag or work bag? Getting a bag that can fit every outfit you have is a wise choice but whatever purpose you want your bag to fill will help you in your choice of a designer bag.

  • Quality

If you’re going to pay a high cost for a designer handbag, make sure that the handbag is made in a respectable country and made from high-quality luxury materials. You can confirm this by looking through the handbag’s product description.

A bag as low as $600 might be made in the bag-making factory while a bag starting at about $1,000 is more likely to be hand-made and from the finest of materials.

  • Size, Design and Colors.

We’ve already established that the size of the designer handbag is vital. For example, you’re more likely to go for a tote bag if you need a bag that can take all of your belongings or a clutch for a night event. No matter the occasion or style, you’d find many size options.

Design is what you should check out next. Most designer brands have become notable based off of their bags’ aesthetics.

What about colors? To choose a color, you need to ask yourself if you need a seasonal color or one that’s year-round. Doing this will also determine how well you’d make use of the bag.

Remember that not only should the size, design, and colors fit your style but also that the brand should be one you would want to be identified with.

  • Avoid Trends Craze.

Bags that are new and trendy are always hard to ignore. Before you get tempted and bite into the “It-bags” craze, you need to understand that bags like this are more likely to fail the test of time [when it comes to investment].

We’d advise you to go for bags that are classic and worth the investment. Bags like these are even more valuable in the end and have a better value of resale.

What Are The Most Popular Women’s Designer Bags?

Here are some of the most popular designer handbags for women that are well-known for their high quality, classic designs and great attention to detail:

  • Louis Vuitton: This 160 years old fashion brand is known for always creating fresh looks every season with all thanks to its young, vibrant design staff. Demand for this brand always exceeds its supply and you can come across many replicas of this brand.
  • Gucci: With a 90-year-old rich history of quality, luxury, and elegance, the Gucci brand stands tall just like the LV brand. We love how this brand never lost its recognition over the years.
  • Prada: This is an Italian-origin brand that deals in fashion accessories as well as leather handbags. Their drive has always been to provide handbags that every woman would love and cherish as a vital part of her wardrobe.
  • Chanel: Handbags from the Chanel brand have been made to suit the dream outfit of every woman, no matter who she is. This brand is notable for its iconic designs, most coveted styles and high value.
  • Hermes: This is one brand that has amazed fashion lovers with each handbag they create or design. No matter your taste or style, a Hermes branded handbag won’t let you down.
  • Fendi: the Fendi brand has always been all about making available handbags of elegance, even when they’re made from the best of materials.
  • Christian Dior: After being founded in 1946, the Christian Dior brand became notable in the world of designer bags. Its handbags are hand-made with great attention to detail and can only be termed as gorgeous, stylish and exceptional.
  • Balenciaga: This brand has been making waves in the fashion world since 1951. They made a name for themselves because of their supple, trendy, light and long-lasting handbags.
  • Michael Kors: This is a famous American-origin brand targeted at the elite in search of an elegant handbag that’s unique.
  • Kate Spade: The founder of the brand, Kate Spade, established the brand in 1993 with the desire to make the ‘perfect handbag’. This American-origin brand is today the bag for a middle-class woman in search of an iconic bag with a unique color, material, and size.
  • Burberry: The Burberry brand is of British origin, founded in 1856. The brand has made remarkable handbags by adding unique designs, special patterns, exceptional style, and amazing colors.

Which Women’s Designer Handbag Is Worth Buying?

Our answer…the Chanel Brand. this brand is worth investing in when it comes to handbags. Why? We’ll explain.

For example, the first classic flap bag from Chanel was launched in 1955 and it was a huge success. The bag had cost about $220…which would have been termed too high for a handbag back then, right?

Well, that was over 50 years ago. You’re probably guessing the price just went up a little but the flap bags from Chanel go for over $5,000 today. You can’t possibly blame the price increase on inflation. If that was the case, the price would have only risen to about $2,500 at most.

Now you ask, “This is a quite expensive handbag, why get it anyway?”

Well, imagine you got a house in the last eight to nine years. You’d agree that even with the inflation on housing, it won’t have exceeded 10 percent. It’d interest you to know that in that same timeframe, the prices of flap bags from Chanel have gone up over 75 percent.

What does this mean? It means if you had gotten a Chanel flap bag back in 2010, it’s worth more than 75 percent the amount you bought it! Compare the amount to the price of a house and the difference is clear.

Are we saying that it could be a better investment than a house? Absolutely…it’s just that you can’t live in it but you’d still look fantastic.

Even an old bag from Chanel can give back almost 80 percent of its current resale and will sell in less than 72 hours…when last did a house sell that fast?

The prices of Chanel handbags indeed keep rising but that doesn’t mean they won’t sell out fast too.

Are Women’s Designer Bags a Good Investment?

Yes, but not all designer handbags are investment-worthy. What’s the difference?

Most designer handbags are made to just fit the moment [It-bags] and thus, will find it difficult to retain their value through the trends.

Classic handbags, on the other hand, are always in high demand and as a result, will be able to live through the trends and retain their value.

Our advice? If you want to make a long-term investment, stick to the basics or classics from a brand. If you’re looking for a short-term investment, you can relax and feel free to play around a bit.

Tip: If you want to buy a pre-owned designer bag, first find out the amount it’s worth and then buy it lower than that price.

So, that’s it…your shopping guide to your first or next designer handbag.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, we’re eager to hear them in the comment section. Don’t forget to SHARE!