Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New winner for giveaway

I had to draw a new winner for my latest giveaway. I didn't hear from the last one, which makes me sad. Someone won something and didn't know about it, plus she must not read my blog on regular basis:(

Anyways, someone else will be happy.This winner is not random. I picked her because she is always so sweet and leave comments. So this is my thank you for being a loyal blog reader:)

And the new winner is: Svjetlana.

Congrats to you! Email your address to scrapalittle@gmail.com and I will send this off in the mail:

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Svjetlana said...

Hi Helen, is that me that you meant. Oh, you are so sweet, you made my day. Thank you so much.

Margarita said...

Just discovered your blog. I was looking for ideas on how to use my scrap vellum when I happened upon the flowers made of vellum. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Congrats on a beautiful site.

Quan Huynh said...

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