Monday, February 20, 2012

Winner of sketch challenge

Thanks to all of you that participated in the sketch challenge.
Here's the sketch that you had to use:

And here's the winner by Kanako Sakurai.
Congrats to Kanako!!!
I love this layout. It's so fun and fresh!!!

Kanako, can you please email your address to so that I can send you this:


Even though I haven't blogged much lately, I want you to know that I scrap like a little maniac every night.
I have planned a scrapbook retreat and it's coming up this weekend. 14 ladies and I will leave our families behind and just scrap non-stop for THREE whole days. I can't wait.

This will be the last retreat here on Okinawa, because we are moving to (southern) California beginning of May.
I'm so super excited!
For those of you that have followed my blog from the beginning, might know that this is our second time we live in Okinawa. When we leave this time we have spent 9 (NINE) years on this island. We have done and seen it all here.

I can't wait to go to Target and Michael's and all that good stuff.

Is there by any chance any blog readers from SoCal?
I have to find myself some new scrapping buddies:)

I'll be back next week and show you what I got done during the weekend.

Take care!
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li-bee-ti said...

Congrats to the winner! your lo is really such a fun lo.
and Helen, congrats on the good news of mooving to USA!!
Can't wait to see all the lo you're scrapping these days....
Have a wonderful weekend with the crop.

kana said...

Oh, Helen-san, thank you so much for choosing my layout!! I miss you that you are leaving our country, but hope you have had a wonderful time in Okinawa. Have a nice weekend with the crop!! I will send my address to you later!

April said...

Congrats Kanako!

Helen, I can hear how excited you are about moving and I'm SO happy for you!!

mustangkayla said...

How exciting! May isn't that far away!

Ann Lihl said...

Hi Helen! I live in SoCal. Upland, CA to be exact! I scrapbook on and off and I've been following your blog for some time now. Keep me in mind for being a scrapbook buddy. You can use my email address to contact me.

María Castillo said...

Enjoy your crop and GOOD LUCK on your new destination, wish to have Michae´l near my home too!

Svjetlana said...

Congrats to the winner. I wanted to play myself unfortunately the life gets on the way sometimes to fun.
You must be super excited about move back to California. I spent 6 months in Tokyo and as much as I was happy to go back home I was so sad as well.

Cindy deRosier said...

Beautiful layout!

Another move? It doesn't seem like it's been that long since the last one. I'm in CA, but in the SF area. Have a great time at your crop!

pdrnc said...

Congrats on your move back to the US! I'm sure you'll find plenty of new scrap buddies.

Cornelia said...

Fantastiskt fin tolkning av din läckra skiss!

Hittade hit via "bekantas bekanta" här i Sundsvall, där jag bor. Har kikat lite hastigt, men måste nog ta mej en rejälare titt på allt fint du har här i din blogg!

Vänliga hälsningar från ett vårvintrigt Sverige!

y huynh said...

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