Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Top Ten list # 9

Another thing I can't scrap without...

# 9

I joined ( in 2006 and that's when I started with scrapbooking.
Back then I didn't know what a layout was, nor patterned paper or embellishments.
I have come a long way since then.
It's thanks to that my scrap style has developed into what it is today. That place is just bursting with inspiration, ideas and positive atmosphere!

I have also met so many awesome people there from all over the world and some of them I have met in real life and consider close friends. is not only filled with TONS of inspiration and wonderful people. They have challenges, tips, classes, forum, videos and of course they have the superstore. has decent prices on a huuuge selection of scrapbook brands. Their costumer service is outstanding and the best part is- they ship international!!

I used to hang out at for hours every day just to look and comment on other peoples creations. Plus I would host monthly challenges.
Today I will pop in there once in a while to see what I'm missing;).

I still use the gallery, mostly as a "storage". Every time I make a new layout I will post it there.
At first I wanted people to comment on my scrapbook pages and give me feedback. Nowadays, I really don't care if others do or do not like my work. Know what I mean? I scrap only for me and my family and that's all that matters.
But hey, if I can inspire someone on the way, of course that's a bonus.

Here's some of my earliest layouts from 2006. Not all that bad, but not all that good either.

If you've never been to you are truly missing out. It's free to join and I know you will not regret it:
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Okispice said...

I totally agree - since that is where we 'met' - and now we are besties!

pdrnc said...

I 'found' you and this website and Thanks for the inspiration and tutorials.

Svjetlana said...

Your earlier LOs' were much better then mine (LO), I like this third, helped me a lot with my style development.

María Castillo said...

Your first pages are great hellen. And I absolutely agree when you said you scrap just for you!!

Anonymous said...

I must tell you, I believe one of your Lo's were the first ones I ever left on and I have always LOVED your work!!

Bev said...

your site is where i got my start and i will be ever grateful my dear friend.. hugs Bev

Cindy deRosier said...

I totally agree. I met you there eons ago. Loved your stuff then, love it even more now.