Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May sketch-Guest designer Sharon Knopic

Welcome to May and the international scrapbook month!
I want to share a new sketch and a new guest designer with you. The latest talented designer is Sharon Knopic and here's a little bit about her:

My name is Sharon Knopic, and I live in Pennsylvania USA - just outside of Hershey (yes, where they make the candy!) I live alone with my two Siamese cats and a dachshund, but am the mother of a wonderful grown son, Joe. I have been scrapbooking for almost two decades now - I began when my mother passed away, and I was "just going to learn enough to put the photos in scrapbooks for my siblings." All the photos still aren't scrapped, because I decided I LOVE this hobby, and have been playing with every technique out there, and made up some of my own which I've taught at several conventions (Great American Scrapbook, Memories Expo). Playing with Helen's sketches and flowers were a wonderful change, and I plan on using them in the future. So I hope you enjoy them as much I did making them.

Incidentally, I did a few pages of current events, season, and even a few "Twilight/Harry Potter" layouts. I am a firm believer we need to stick to the scrapbook idea, and not just make our layouts photo albums. We need to document how we felt when events happen to us that are universal. I truly believe that these are the layouts that generations from now are going to be the most valuable - not so much the picture of "Aunt Mary" or the kids in the sandbox. I try to think how I'd feel if I had the photos I have in my possession taken aboard the Titanic of my uncle scrapped by someone who could write how they felt when it went down. Please keep this as a little thought as you do your pages.

And again - I'm so honored for you to view them, and Helen to have allowed me to post my pages!

And here is sketch # 49...

and Sharon's two creative takes on it:

Here's a few layouts from Sharon, based on my sketches.
This first one from a very recent event-the British royal wedding. Fabulous indeed!
Sharon made my ribbon rose and the layered lace flower as you can see.

In this pretty layout she made my vellum flowers.


And in this last page Sharon made my origami flowers.

Wow! I feel so flattered that she uses so many of my sketches and flower tutorials.
Thanks Sharon for sharing your work with us! It's truly inspiring and I love how you scrap more than just friends and family.

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Anonymous said...

I have the privilege of being a friend of Sharon's and am always in awe of her work! Great sketch... great job!

mustangkayla said...

Great layouts!

Nati Tristan said...

Those are wonderful!!!

Cindy deRosier said...

Another great sketch! Fun to see what Sharon did with it!

Anonymous said...

Very nice layouts...all of them! I appreciate the tips on scrapping other things besides photos...I'd love to have an album like that from my parents or grandparents. TFS!

Carol aka cyimbugbitten
bugbitten at hotmail dot com

whimszeegirl said...

Sharon...I could not agree w/ you more. I am currently (and finally) doing a scrapbook(s) of my life. And over the years I have collected different items including scrapbook paper that has reminded me of a time or place in my life, or sparked a childhood memory. And I'm so glad I bought those printed scrapbook pages, because I do not have pictures, but I am using those pages to journal, my thoughts etc. on these pages. It has been extremly rewarding to know that years from now, my kids or their kids will have some insight into my life. Enjoy.....

Cindy said...

I just wanted to share a blog award with you. I love your flower tutorials and you've given me a ton of great ideas. Thank you!! Check out my blog for details:

Okispice said...

These are fantastic interpretations of the sketches and tutorials. Great job Sharon!

katsky said...

Wonderful layouts and great tutorials.

a ji o ji suno ji said...

No! You are right. I don't know how I made that mistake. Duh.
Bulldog Puppies