Friday, April 8, 2011

To my email readers

Hello to all of my 379 email readers!
I just wanted to let you know that I will cancel this service.
It's not free and I pay monthly to have my blog posts sent to your inbox. Since I don't make any money on my blog, I can't justify this anymore.
So make sure you bookmark my website or become a follower so you don't miss any new posts.
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Ann said...

Hi Helen!
I have a blog also and I use Feedburner as an email service. It is absolutely free and you can transfer your Feedblitz people onto that and not lose a single one of us. Just burn your feed into this free service and it's all yours and you lose no one! I hope this helps! It would be a shame to let us all go as I follow better versus email more so than RSS Feed. You sign in with your gmail account.

Bev said...

sound OK Helen.. but as Ann says maybe the free link would be perfect for you.. .. We love our mail from you... Let us know what you decide... hugs Bev

Shetzers Designs said...

I also use feedburner to give my subscribers access via email. is the site to check out. Its easy and quick to set up. I subscribe to you in my Google Reader but wish you the best of luck in finding the right solution.

Bev said...

fabulous site.. and so much so i'd like to share this award with you.. check it out..

hugs Bev

Crystal said...

I will miss your emails, but understand. I hope you can find a free service. Love your flower tutorials!

Bellule said...

J'ai un blog aussi et je ne paie absolument rien, c'est un service gratuit.
Merci beaucoup pour ton blog, ce n'est pas toujours simple de laisser un commentaire en anglais pour moi.
Bon courage ent espérant continuer de voir "Scrap a little".

Nicole said...

I totally understand, Helen, thanks for letting us know! I have you linked to the sidebar of my blog so I know right away when you have updated! I love seeing your projects and can't wait to see what else you have in store!

dustinsmom said...

This is really sad, I really look forward to your email! And I am halfway around the world. Your toutorials are awesome as the rest of your work.

Pene said...

Thank you for sharing your world and ideas with us. I will miss your emails, but I will take time to stop by to see new posts.

Anonymous said...

merci pour l'information
je continerai à passer te voir
merci pour tout ce que tu fais (créations, tutoriels...)