Thursday, April 7, 2011

My latest layouts

How are you all doing?

We started spring break today and couldn't ask for better weather. We just came back from the beach and I hope that we'll have plenty of more beach days next week. How's your weather?

Here's a few layouts I finished recently..well... I've actually made more, but the other ones are not worth showing...


You can look forward to another flower tutorial soon, as well as a giveaway tomorrow! YAY!
So, see you real soon:)
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Nati Tristan said...

Helen those layouts are fab! I'm happy you are having wonderful weather.. we haven't been too bad over here.. some days sunny up to 82 degrees and some days breeze with down to 55 degrees! No complaints

Spardha said...

wow!.. fab LOs!.. love the colours! :D

mustangkayla said...

What great layouts! Looking forward to the flower tutorial!

cvanholstein said...

Those LO's are beautifull!
You make me curious about the others...:D
Kind regards,
Corina (the Netherlands)

Sunshine and Shadows said...

All of these are beautiful. You have really good eye for design principles.

Anonymous said...

I love the lo's...beautiful designs and pics! I just read that I won't be able to follow by email any longer...I'm gonna have to find another way, cuz I enjoy your creativity! Thanks for sharing w the rest of us!
Carol aka cyimbugbitten
bugbitten at hotmail dot com

Beverly said...

The beach pics just make me yearn to be there!!! Love them all! We finally got some warm weather in Missouri. I spent yesterday inside (boo) at the CKC St. Louis (yeah) shopping for scrappy goodness. Wish you were there!