Monday, March 21, 2011

My Top Ten List # 6

I have shared the first half of my top ten list and now I will continue. Here's another scrap favorite:

# 6 Power Layouts kit from Creative Memories

You know how life is easier if you are well organized and if you plan ahead. At least so I'm told.
Well, it applies to scrapbooking as well. I'm getting better at it and I can see the results. I get more scrapping done since I purchased this thing:

It's simply a plastic box that measures 12.75 x 12.75 x 2.25 and has 15 dividers.
What you do is plan your layouts and stack them on top of each other in this box.

I take one day...yes, that's usually how long it takes print my photos in my printer and then look for matching papers and embellishments. I go through my stash by manufacturer until I find the perfect papers.

And then I continue on with the embellishments.

I usually pick a few solid cardstocks, for background and matting and then a couple of patterned papers so I have something to choose from when it's time to create.

When I'm done with planning one layout I just put the plastic divider on top and continue until the box is filled.

Now when I go to a crop I basically only have to bring this power layouts kit and some tools and I'm all set.

I don't know if any other companies sell something similar to this, but you can buy it here from my friend who sells Creative Memories. It's only $29  and I promise you it's so worth it.
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Glinda said...
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Glinda said...

I agree 100+ percent. I just love mine. Just an idea, when I fill mine up and I still want to put together more pages I get the extra large baggies and cardboard that is 12x12 in size usually the free stuff when I buy paper at the scrapbook store and I put about 5 pages together in each baggie. Oh I get my extra large baggies at the 99 cent store. I then get a large pizza box and store them in side so things stack better.

On another note - When you get the chance will you share a little bit more on how you organize your stash. I really like how you do your pattern paper and embellies. I would love to see more pictures. PLEASE:0)

* Vanessa * said...

Loved them all, Helen!!
I realized that when we organize things BEFORE, we spend less time and produce more!!
Thanks for the tips, hugs and kisses!!

mustangkayla said...

Those look neat!

pdrnc said...

What a great way to stay organized. I sometimes set my papers/embellishments aside with my pics but it's usually on top of my desk and gets shuffled around a bit. This would be so helpful.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those things really help.
But, I am curious how this works with a sketch. Do you choose the embellishments with the sketch in mind? Do you store a copy of the sketch with the photos and embellishments?

Glynis said...

Creative memories does have some great tools, and this is definitely one of my favs :O)

Beverly said...

Thanks for sharing this tip! Right now I'm making "kits" with a collection, adding cardstock and matching embellies and I add my already printed pics to this kit so it's ready to go. I do like the idea of doing it page by page!

whimszeegirl said...

I have had my Power Sorter for several years now, and I can not function w/o it. I use it all the time and it really does save so much time when you go to a crop. I can just whip out those pages! Thanks for sharing. I would like for organizational tips also...