Thursday, March 3, 2011

Different crafts

I don't know what happened to me?
I started the year so strong, scrapping almost every day and now all of a sudden I haven't scrapped in weeks.
I don't know if I have lost my mojo, but I just don't feel like scrapping at all...same thing maybe?

But I've still been a bit crafty though and I wanted to share my simple projects.

For the first one you'll need some cheap pens, a glue gun, silk flowers from the dollar or craft store and you'll need a nipper, I think it's called ( never heard the word in my life before, but I googled it)

Use the tool to pull out the stopper in the pen and fill some  hot glue in there and immediately push down the flower (also use the tool to cut off the stems of the flowers)

Isn't this pretty? A bouquet of pens!
Spray some of your favorite body or room spray on them if you wish.


Then I wanted to show what Conrad and I made for his Valentine's box. We made this out of a cereal box and plenty of cardstock. I think it turned out so cute and now I will keep it in my scrap room forever. It makes me happy!

Last, I wanted to show what I did with some of all these paper flowers I've accumulated over time.

You'll need magnets, a glue gun and some of your paper flowers. I prefer the flatter ones like dahlia, fan fold flower and this flower.

Look here what a pretty company the Swedish royal family got on my fridge.

Well, I'm gonna head into my scrap room now and see what happens...I'll keep you updated:)

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* Vanessa * said...

Hi Helen, I loved the bouquet idea!! You didn't lost it at all, rs...
Good scrap for you and have a nice Carnival hollidays!!

April said...

Awesome ideas Helen! I especially love the magnets. ;)
- April

It's Jenn! said...

So fun, I'm really digging Spongebob and OMG the box of flowers made my heart flutter just a little =)

Fi said...

Wonderful ideas, Helen! Love all the paper flowers - they're my favourite thing to make at the moment and all kinds like you have there. A great idea making them into magnets! I cut up all my old calendar magnets and others i don't use anymore to put on the back of things to make into magnets. Awesome idea for party favours!

mustangkayla said...

LOVE the flower bouquet! Very cool! Love the magnet idea too!

Gayatri Salunke said...

I simply love ur blog..has a very fresh look and vrey easy to do stuff..:) i mm a regular visitor and long for new articles to be posted.

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