Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Top Ten list, # 4

I wanted to continue with my top ten list and next I have:

# 4 VersaMat from Close To My Heart (CTMH)

I haven't had this thing for many months, but I love it and it makes my scrapping so much easier.

It's a self healing mat measuring 13 x 13 inch.

I have a tendency to "eyeball" everything rather than measure, so this grid comes in real handy.

 I also have a habit of making a MESS when I scrap and now when I have this mat at least I have enough empty space to work on my layout.

I know that other companies, such as Basic Grey and Fiskars, make similar mats, but I don't believe they have what this one does;

The VersaMat is cushioned and the back of it has that foamy surface that you need for stamping.
Not that I am the biggest stamper in the world, but when I do decide to stamp something I have the mat right in front of me and just turn it over.

I would call this mat a must-have for  all scrappers!
I can't scrap without mine and always make sure to bring  it to crops.

It's only $14.50 and can only be bought from Close To My Heart.
If you don't know any consultants you can buy it from here.

There's also quite a few CTMH representatives among the guest designers.( you can click on their names in the top left sidebar ) 
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mustangkayla said...

I have been thinking about getting some sort of mat. Great info, thanks!

scrappinmomma said...

Hi Helen I just gave you an award stop by my blog to pick it up

Laura said...

Helen I have to agree...I love the versamat. I am horrible at getting things on my layouts straight and the grid really helps me with that. I also like having a nice big foam surface to stamp on. Looking forward to the rest of your list.

Eileen said...

Thanks for the info -- I love my basic grey one. But I learned something new today. I didn't know about the stamping. I found a knew cushy surface to stamp on and wow it works better. Thanks for the pearl of info.