Friday, January 7, 2011

My Top Ten list, # 3

# 3 ArcSoft's "Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe" software


I know I've mentioned before that I don't take photos of my layouts. I scan them.

I like how much brighter they look and I don't get any shadows.

Plus I can upload my layouts right away and I don't have wait for daylight.

What the "Scan-n-Stitch" does is to stitch your page together since it's too big to fit in the scanner.

If your scrapping style includes a lot of bulky embellishments, scanning is not for you.
My pages are not completely flat; I use flowers, buttons and lots of pop-up dots and that's OK.
But I see many layouts with "bushes" on and that wouldn't work.

To download the software it's $ 39.99, but you can get a free trial here before you commit.

If you buy the software I would also buy the back-up disc. I'm talking from experience:( It's not a matter of, IF the computer will crash, only WHEN. You knew that right...

And oh yeah...the YouTube video is the only one I found.
Of course you can use ANY scanner with "Scan-n-Stitch".
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Janet Z said...

Bushes! Hahahahaha!

Kat said...

love that you are sharing all this great info with us! im actually going to go buy this software rock, helen!

Beverly said...

This surprises me! I've used arcsoft software before I got photoshop elements. Yes it's easy but what surprises me is that you don't use PSE to stitch. My layouts are somewhat bulky so most often I take photos. I do brighten them up tho. Thanks for your "take" on this software!

Ann said...

Downloaded the software and it does what you say it does - beautifully! Thanks for the recommendation.

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