Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Top Ten list, # 2

The next thing on my top ten list is:

# 2  HP Photosmart All-In-one (printer & scanner)

I have printed my own photos ever since I started with scrapbooking, which was in 2006.
I haven't done the math, but I'm guessing that with all the inks and photo paper, it's more expensive to print your own pictures. So obviously that's not the reason I do it.

The reason is: freedom and flexibility.

I can print my photos again and again, if I mess up my layout.
I can print my photos exactly the minute I need them.
I can print them ANY size I want.
I can crop and edit them in PSE before I print them.

I also love the SCANNER part!

I scan every OLD paper photo. I would never make a layout with an original photo.

Look at these photos of my grandmother (she will turn 92 years old this year!)
I'm guessing they are taken circa 1940. That makes them 70 years old. So you can see why I need to scan them first.

Photos like these are so valuable to me. They are a piece of history!

After I scanned these photos I actually retouched them a bit in PSE (surprise,surprise)

My photo printer is awesome, because it came with inserts so that I can print photos from old negatives or slides.

And that's what I did with some old slides of my mom.
These are from 1966, the year before I was born.
More history:)

One last thing I like to do with the scanner, is to scan all those school photos the kids bring home. I always buy the smallest/cheapest package and if I want more photos, I just print them;)

I don't think my scanner- Photosmart 3210- is available anymore.
Today they have newer models which are cheaper + many of them are wireless.

If you are thinking about treating yourself with a photo printer I would make sure it has a scanner.
You will use it more than you know. has quite a few to choose from.
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Sandi Cl~ said...

That's exactly the model I have and I love mine!

Okispice said...

Oh yes, so perfect for those special photos that you don't want to destroy, especially if they have someone's handwriting on the back.

Sandra said...

Just love those photographs of your grandmother - they're the sort of pictures you'd see now in a calendar :) Thank you for your advice on the scanner printer - I too print my own photos, but we have a separate scanner - so when that breaks maybe I'll look at it again.

Really love your layouts.

Jo said...

Your layouts are just gorgeous

mustangkayla said...

Oh man, have I ever had a printer battle! I've gone through three and none of them have been worth a hoot! Its SO frustrating! Glad you have one you like!

María Castillo said...

Wow, so interesting!! And your mom pics and Lo´s are a treasure!!