Sunday, January 23, 2011

Budget friendly layouts

Me and some scrappy friends meet once a month at my house to work with Basic Grey page kits.
Everything is precut and numbered in these kits, so you really don't have to think at all when you scrap.
We can focus on chatting and eating instead!
Just as important as scrapping I would say:)

Here are some examples of the kits:

Aren't they gorgeous?

These kits cost $18 so that makes it $ 4.50 per layout.

Would you say that's cheap or expensive for a scrapbook page?
I would say that's a pretty decent price since they all come with rub-ons, stickers and chipboard.

Have you ever done the math regarding how much you spend on each of your layouts?
I haven't really...until today when I looked at my latest pages.
My pages ARE CHEAP! Hopefully not cheap-looking, but they don't cost much at all to create.

Look at this one:
I used one sheet of cardstock, some scraps for the green mats and the hand cut leaves.
I only used two thin strips of patterned paper and the flowers are hand cut from patterned paper. That's all.
The green border is a stamp. Add a few brads. I would say this page cost about $2- $3. Tops!


Same  thing with this one: very little patterned paper, some buttons and that's about it.


This last one has a bit more patterned paper. I hand cut all the flowers and circles and added Stickles. Still I don't think it adds up to more than $3 total.

Do my pages look cheap to you?

I know that I hardly ever use "bling", simply because I don't like how it looks.
Same thing with flowers from Prima Marketing. I prefer to make my own;)
I try to use more than one photo per page, which gives me less space to fill with embellishments.

I'm curious to find out approximately how much you spend on your scrapbook pages.
Will you do the math for me, please?

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lizzyc said...

wow your layouts do NOT look cheap.. they are gorgeous.. and come to think of it i don't really add up what i put on my layouts as i just take what i need out of what i already have in my stuff.. but i do know that some layouts i see although stunningly beautiful really must cost a fortune. scrapbooking should not be a competitive craft.. each layout is unique and precious in the makers eyes..

Missy Whidden said...

No way...your layouts look AMAZING! There is nothing "cheap" about them, except the money you spent to create them! I don't add mine up, but I know a ballpark figure when I only use papers from one stack or if I make my flowers. I just can't afford all these new & expensive lines, so I try and imitate them and make my own glimmer mist and flowers. I also like the dollar stores & the dollar section of Target!

alwayscharlie said...

I don't know what my layouts cost but I do know yours dpn't look cheap!

Michelle said...

I wish my LSS sold the Marjolaine line of BG's!! :( The one line they decided not to pick up. I don't think your pages look cheap!! I think they look great!! I too really try to stretch my supplies. My kits that I get, I stretch and get about 6 or 7 LO's out of, and still have some left over.

April said...

Your pages never look cheap Helen! I have done the math a few times on mine and it's nowhere close to $4.50/page! I'd go broke for sure. Since I never EVER buy anything full price, my pages usually come out pretty reasonable. Definitely less than $2 per page I'd say.
- April

Okispice said...

That last one I put on my blog cost $6.80 (3 sheets of Bu Bunny plus the chipboard sheet - with pieces left over that can be used on another LO). I'm not counting the price of the Stickles or glue I used. And I make it back in the lesson fee.

Melanie said...

Hmm, I haven't thought about what a page costs me in awhile. And I don't think yours look cheap--clean and simple and full of color! I almost never do a LO with just one photo on it, and usually use my cardstock front & back when I put it in an album. I usually use bits and pieces of paper, flowers, rub-ons, etc. Which are pricey all together, but when spread out over many pages and cards, not so bad!

mustangkayla said...

No way do your layouts look cheap! I used to shy away from buying the kits the manufacturers....but then realized how many I actually got out of those kits and realized it was a pretty good deal!

As for my pages...I'll have to look at a handful and try to figure it out. I'm sure I'm all over the board though.

Diana said...

It totally varies but I would say I probably average about $4 a page, including photos (admittedly I could print them for cheaper but this place I can upload them online and pick them up in a few hours). I'm a fairly simple scrapper too. But honestly I don't like to think about it in those terms, it puts me off.
I spend a fair amount on my scrapbooking, between my monthly kit + add-ons + international shipping + the ton of photos I print each month, I spend about $80-$100 a month, but to me it is TOTALLY worth it as that's the price of me keeping my SANITY.
And your LOs don't look cheap at all. I have NEVER looked at a LO and thought it looked cheap. I might look at a LO and not like it for one reason or another, but "cheap" has never crossed my mind when looking at any scrapbook page.

Anonymous said...

Your layouts always look like a million bucks! I probably spend too much but have been toying with a really cheap idea. I am amazed by some of the tags that come on kids clothes and sometimes little scraps that come with junk mail. I have gathered a small..ok large pile of them and I'm hoping to actually use them one of these days. :)

Alison Day said...

I've never thought about how much this 'obsession' of mine costs per page (only by the bag full!!) but I'd say my layouts cost about as much as yours - $3 to $5 each. And NO! Your pages do NOT look cheap - I hope mine don't either. I am not one for lots of bling and other embellishments - I prefer to let the pictures be the stars.

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

CHEAP???? Heck NO, they are gorgeous. I like the BG too if your in a hurry & don't feel like putting to much time & thought into a layout, they can be time & thought consuming. (at least for me)

pdrnc said...

Your pages are gorgeous. Not at all cheap looking!!! I don't even want to think about what I spend per layout. I hate to admit that I am an impulsive scrap-shopper. Sometimes I look at other's LOs and love how something looks and need to buy it. I have 3 boys, so not a huge need for flowers and bling. Still, I buy it on occasion. In my defense, I don't order online (I hate to pay shipping) and really only buy things when I have a coupon. I also save all my scraps and swap with friends if I buy a stack of papers and there are doubles that I know I won't use.

Ana said...

Your layouts aren't at all cheap! They are great! Ok, next time I make a layout I'll do the math for you. Nevertheless, I can tell you I kind of spend a lot on paper LOL! I LOVE paper! But I tend to use my scraps for other projects as well, so...

Cris said...

I think your pages are outstanding! No way they look cheap. Unfortunatelly, here in Brazil almost anything scrappy is imported - so a patterned paper that costs about $0.85 in the US may cost R$ 7,00 here (aprox. US$ 4.00). So it's not so easy to make our LOs cheap...

Sarah's Scrap Space said...

Your los are far from cheap looking they are great. I have never considered what a lo cost per page but I wouldn't think mine would be anymore than $3 a piece max. I always buy on sale and I usually buy stacks of paper instead of single sheets. Love your blog and thanks for following mine! I am sure I will be back for inspiration from you!

Crystal said...

Your layouts are just lovely and fun and NOT cheap looking. I find myself trying to use lots of bling and things I'm not comfortable with. I love your pages and sketches and I just might try the basic grey page kits. Thank you for sharing all your sketches.