Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mosaic Moments

Don't you agree with me?
When you flip through scrapbook magazines and browse through galleries, it's so rare to find something that looks new and fresh? Everything looks like you have seen it before. Personally I'm so sick and tired of the "shabby chic" look. I want something new!

I was recently introduced to something called "mosaic". I know very well what that is but never thought you could use the technique for scrapbooking. But I was wrong. A dear friend to me- Theresa, A.K.A Okispice, told me all about it and I was sold!

Here's my first layout I made using the mosaic technique:

And here's my second attempt:

It's no mystery to it at all. You basically cut your pictures into 1" X 1" squares as seen in my first layout. Or you can choose bigger squares or strips as seen in the layout above.

All you need is this certain cutting mat with small grids, a non-slid ruler, a craft knife and repositionable glue.

There's also grid paper you can buy so you know where to place your squares, but you can make your own as well.

Theresa and I have been online buddies for a few years now over at and she just got to Okinawa her second time as well as I did. So we finally got to meet in real life!!
I don't know if any of you have ever met any online buddies, but to me it's instant friendship. It's like you know each other already:)

So Theresa is the one that showed me how to do the mosaic pages.
Here's my favorites from Theresa. Remember now that I'm a rookie and she is a pro at this:

By Theresa Amlong:

I can see how you might not want your whole scrapbook to be filled with mosaic pages or how certain pictures might not be suitable to use with this technique, but you have to admit that they look so refreshing.
And you can fit so many more photos! Look at Theresa's layouts above. She didn't use any patterned paper- just pictures.
I think it's fantastic and I tell you- it's very addicting.
If you are interested in this mosaic technique, go to Theresa's blog and click on the link on the top right.
If you read this and happen to be on Okinawa, Theresa will start teaching mosaic at Camp Foster soon :)

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Monday, July 5, 2010

July sketch

I'm sure you remember this layout. It's actually one of my favorites:) I think it's the colors I like so much, but also how simple the design is.

So I decided to make a sketch from it:

Here's some inspiration from parts of the Design Team.

and Bev:

and one from myself:

For flower centers I used rolled up twine.

And I used wire to make flowers using this tutorial.

That's it for today.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer.

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