Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flower tutorial from Veronica

Here's another great tutorial from one of my designers. Veronica shows us how to make a simple and fast paper flower, but yet so pretty! And it's perfect to use with all that scraps paper we have laying around.
Here are the materials you will need. The strip of paper is 1" x 12" and can be solid or patterned. I prefer to use a paper that is neither too thick or too thin for ease of pleating.
Step 1: Begin to fold pleats at one end of the paper strip. Be sure to slowly angle your pleat around in a circle like the photo below.

This is the finished product once you pleat the whole strip.

Step 2: Use a glue dot to adhere one end to the other. You may not want to use all of the pleats, so cut off the excess pleats to get your desired flower size.

Step 3: Add a button or brad in the middle and you're done!

Here are some finished pleated flowers. Note that you can even stack the pleated strips for a layered flower! Just cut smaller 1/2" strips for the second layer!

Here is a variation of the pleated flower! For this one, I used a corner rounder punch to create a scalloped strip. Then, I added the pleats the same way!

And here is the final product! You can add a layer or two on this variation too!

Thank you so much for sharing these cute flowers Veronica!
I'm off to try them out;)
Be sure to check out Veronica's colorful blog for more inspiration

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