Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions ( new giveaway and winner)

Good morning!
I just woke up and here in Japan it's New Year's Eve today!
I have to say that I really like the beginning of a new year. Even though 2011 will be a year when my dear husband will be gone for most of the year :( I'm ready for it to start.

"In with the new, out with the old".
Today is the last day for all those bad habits.
Here's a few of my resolutions;
  • stop with the diet Coke and start drinking some WATER
  • try to save more and spend less money
  • get more organized (sort those photos, bills, kids art etc etc)
  • start exercising... yadayadayada ( I quit the boot camp and I'm back to being a couch potato )
  • read more books and spend less time HERE- in front of the computer
I could make this list endlessly long, but that would be way too boring....especially since I have the same resolutions every year and I can't keep them for more than a day or two. So why waste the time...let's talk about SCRAPPY New Year's Resolutions instead.

I'm so proud of myself. I have already made 8 layouts so far this week and the week is not even over yet. Here's two more that I just finished:

Since I don't work, study OR exercise and the kids are in school, I really should have PLENTY of time to focus on scrapping. I realize that 8 layouts in a week might be unrealistic, but there's no reason that I should not be able to complete at least TWO per week.

So that's my scrappy new year's resolution: To finish 2 layouts per week and one of them has to be made with just scraps (cut-up) papers.
If I manage to keep this up I will have 104 layouts by the end of the year; that's about 4 finished album. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Anyone ready to join me in this challenge?
Tell me about your SCRAPPY New years resolution!

Since it's the season of giving, I will give away an Addison paper pack from SEI to one random reader who leaves a comment to this post:)

I also want to announce the winner from the last giveaway. Someone will be very happy to get this in the mail:

And gave me number 49 that turned out to be mustangkayla!  Congrats Kayla!
If you could please email me your address, I will send this off to you as soon as possible:)

Last but not least I want to thank you all for being the best blog readers ever!
Where ever you are in the world- I wish you all
a Happy New year!
Gott Nytt År!
Glückliches neues Jahr!
Heiress nouvelle année!
Feliz año nuevo!
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Melissa said...

I would say that you are on a great track if you've finished that much this week! I haven't even posted on my blog, let alone created anything during the holiday!

I would love to be able to finish 2 LO's a week! That might just be doable at least during the winter months. During summer vacation there is no way I could ever commit to that!

Hope you have a wonderful 2011!


Michelle said...

Happy New Year Helen!!!! I hope it is a great year for you!!! My goal... is to scrap a little each day and get some of these pages that I have pulled pics and paper for finished. I have a pile, but then DT responsibilities get in the way. And then sometimes, I just don't feel like scrapping!! :o I think I did pretty good this year! I made 149 pages!!! Now, I need to squeak out one more before the end of the night tomorrow night to make it an even 150!!!

Kat said...

happy new year! my goal: use more of my scrap stash and buy less new stuff...easier said than done!

Kristie said...

Happy New Year Helen!!! Two layouts a week, we can do that!!!!!!!!!!

Okispice said...

I have not scrapped since the retreat! Did organize my scraproom though. The heat does not work in there right now, but when it gets fixed next week - I'm going to join your resolution and try for the 2 a week!

Marilyn Peter said...

Yep, I'll take on that challenge!! Would love to do 2 layouts a week, I am struggling to get one done ATM!

My scrappy new years resolution are several challenges
1. get more organised (I AM GOING TO DO IT!!!!!!)
2. Do more than one layout per week
3. clean up after each layout (when or if I get into a scrappy mood, I just keep going pulling out everything and end up with a terrible MESS!!)
4. keep my blog up to date
5. finish off any unfinished layouts I have sitting around

I think that will be enough for this year!! LOL

Hope you have a wonderful 2011 and you keep up with your resolutions.


Denise said...

Sounds like a fabulous New Year's resolution.

Marilyn Peter said...

Ohh, I forgot to add......I LOVE LOVE LOVE your 2nd layout!! It is such a happy feel good layout....adorable!!

DWD said...

2 layouts a week would be great for me. I barely can do 2 a month. I should try this and see how it goes. But I have lots of housework things I need to complete before trying.

Bev said...

Happy Holidays Helen.... would love to join you in the 2Plus a week and using scrap instead of buying all new would be wonderful.
Also would like to use my cricut more, make more new flowers, and try some new techniques.

Cindy d said...

Happy New Year! I love your resolutions.. good luck lasting more than 2 days! The new LOs look great. Have a wonderful 2011.

Janet Z said...

Happy New Year Helen! I hope 2011 is a great year for you!

Emma said...

I love the sound of this New Years resolution! Count me in :)

pdrnc said...

Lots of luck with your New Year's goals. I haven't made any goals for next year. I always say that I'm going to eat better and take care of myself and it never lasts more than a moment.

Happy New Year!

Wende said...

I'm with you on the diet coke thing. I am addicted. Funny thing is, most I know that drink DC aren't thin! LOL. Happy New Year and may we do a good job on our resolutions. Thank for the chance to win!

Susan said...

I'm jealous! I haven't scrapped. A page since just after thanksgiving! I love your stocholm page!

Carla said...

My scrappy goals for this upcoming year is to scrap more of things that mean something instead of making do to meet a deadline. I want to make time and opportunities to take photos of my family and our activities. I would also like to post more regularly on my blog even if it means I schedule it in advance.

Thanks for all your inspiration this year, your pages are always beautiful! Happy New Year :)

Glynis said...

I would be extatic to complete 2 a week! Doesn't seem probable, but certainly worth a try (my 18month old might have something to say about it!!).
Congrats Kayla! What a fantastic pkg to start your projects for the new year.
Happy New year!! :O)

shari said...

Your layouts are beautiful! Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for the great giveaway. Shari (cricutrookie)

Sue said...

Great resolution to use up some of your scraps!! I'm not buying anymore paper until mine is all gone...okay maybe just some of it is gone!! Happy New Year!!

María Castillo said...

First, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And thanks for being so generous! I totally love your second LO! 2 layouts a weeks sounds great, but it´s too much for me, maybe one a week!! Blessings, María

Bunny said...

My goal is to at least get pictures from 2009 into an album. I would love to be able to do awesome layouts like Helen, but I think if I do a few layouts based on Helen's sketches and then cheat a little and put some photos in those nice 6 photos to a page holders, I will be happy.

Mdegraeve said...

Happy New Year everybody! you have done some great layouts Helen:) i love you ideas.
In 2011 i would like to:
- use my scraps up
-open and use some of my stamp sets on scrap pages
-spend less money
- and last and most importantly, ge more pages done! i like the 2 a week. good goal:)

li-bee-ti said...

Oh, I can make a HUGE list of New Year's Resolutions (and never make them...LOL).
I'll try to state a few scrappy resolutiouns:
1. Use what I have already and buy less.
2. Being a full time worker, if I make at least 1 layout per week, I'd be pleased.
3. Learn to work more quickly on my layout and not spend so much time on each one.
4. I'm with you on the one of spending less time on the computer.

Happy New Year to you and to all your family!
And thank you so much for your generousity - with all those sketches and tutorial you're sharing with us, and with those awesome giveaways!

Barbara said...

What a great resolution, hope you'll be able to follow thru!

For myself, I resolve to make at least 5 Christmas cards per month so I'm not scrambling around the second week of December 2011 trying to come up with a design that I'm satisfied with!

I would like to also resolve to create at least one single or one double page layout per week, so I can finally make a dent in this pile of photos I've been collecting for years!

Have a Very Happy New Year!

Elisabeth said...

I will join you on this challenge! I can do two layouts per week.

For me, scrapping is better than therarpy. I work fulltime and my DD is very demanding as well. Scrapping is "me time" and I feel so much better when I have enough time for ME! I love reading your blog, even though I am a lurker......

lizzyc said...

and a big Happy New Year to you too!! i would love to get one layout done every week... !! but any time scrapping is good therapy for me!!

Petrin said...

Two is a nice number! sometimes i hit 4 during a weeks, all depends on mood..i really love scrapping and your idea about using scraps means saving! and these days we need to save anyway! i keep every piece because i hate to throw anything i am trying to organize those full 3 drawers, keeping your idea in mind!...hope 2011 is a good year, no matter your husband is away...HAPPY NEW YEAR AT JAPAN! Here in Puerto Rico is 4:39 am. of the 3lst. 2010..bye, bye..Petrin

Birgit said...

One might think that it is fairly easy 2 Layouts scrapping a week. However, since we are planning in 2011, a renovation and expansion of my parents' house that will probably be at the top of my "to-do "list. But then I may have enough pictures for 2012 and then put your challenge? :-)

Dear Helen, I also wish you a Happy New Year 2011

Best wishes,

Merc said...

This year (2010) my scrappy goal was to complete 40 layouts...I managed 37 + a mini this year I am going to try and complete AT LEAST 40 layouts.
Happy new Year

Monique Nicole Fox said...

My 2011 goals/resolutions:

(1) To keep my scraproom neat
(2) To be on at least 2 Design Teams of an awesome sketch blog
(3) To do at least 4 layouts a week
(4) To stay out of Michael's, AC Moore and Hobby Lobby and use what I have. To stop letting coupons burn my pocket.

Have a Happy New Year.

Monique Fox

April said...

I have a couple of scrappy resolutions. The first is to try to do 2 layouts a week (great minds think alike huh??) since this year I barely got an average of one a week done. The other is to make my journaling a proirity on each layout. I always seem to be looking for a place to put it at the end of my creative process, when it's actually the most important part!
- April W

Rosie Vega said...

I love the two a week challenge. I'm going for it. All the best to you :-)

KellyG said...

Wow 8 layouts in a week is great! My resolution is to get more organized and get a dedicated space besides the dinning room table! I also want to spend less time in front of the computer, already working on that, sorting my favorites so when I am on I can pop to my favorite sites and get off asap! Happy New Year!

bakscrap said...

I would say that I already manage to scrap more than 2 layouta a week if you average it out over the year. Some weeks are better than others LOL. I guess my goal for this year is to master my Gypsy that I got LAST Christmas, and my brand new Make the Cut software.

wanel said...

Vi har precis fått två nya familjemedlemmar, ett par systrar på ett och nio år som vi ska vara familjehem åt. Så med en familj på 8 pers varav två blöjbarn och ett av dom hemma på heltid så ska jag begränsa mina mål lite :)

Mitt mål blir att jag ska få pyssla en stund varje vecka!

Lycka till med nyårslöftena!

Och tack för en inspirerande blogg!!!

mustangkayla said...

Sweet! Thats me! :-) Great resolutions! My scrappy resolutions....I want to do Project 12 REALLY bad and scrap only my favorite pictures!

Elysia said...

Oh, I am totally in on the challenge to make 2 layouts a week! I tend to go a week or two without creating and then binge for a few days. LOL. I only work three days a week, so this should be no problem. Thanks for the inspiration, Helen!!

Char said...

I definitely need to stop buying new stuff and concentrate on using up some of my stash. I think your idea to use up scraps for one layout a week is a great idea!

AubreyLaine said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Happy New Year!

Vik said...

I had already decided that I would scrap 2 layouts a week myself this year! Happy New Year Helen!!

Emily said...

I love the idea of 2 a week. I work 2 jobs so we will see how that works out for me, but in the end having 104 layouts done could be very doable.

I have already been working on this but I hope to be so much better this year...I wont to use my stash up before I buy more paper. I got about 10 pads of paper for Christmas to add to my stash so there is no reason I should need to buy any. In fact....I have run out of room to store it. Of course winning it and getting it for gifts is totally exceptable....lolololol

Emily C

Anna Petitt said...

Well I'm been really trying hard to catch up and this year I want to at least get to 1 year behind. I should be able to do this since my baby girl will be 3 (lo's wise), and the milestones aren't as many!! LOL!! Thanks for the chance for the give a way! Happy New Year!

nanapatty said...

I would be very happy to get a layout done a week. Two might be a stretch. Working faster would help me accomplish this goal. I would also like to learn some new techniques.

Monique Nicole Fox said...

I love your layouts and the colors you choose. :) Happy New Year.

Alison Day said...

That 2 LO a week resolution sounds totally doable! I may have to try and join you in that. I honestly hadn't thought about making a scrapping New Year resolution but I admire yours. Good luck! I love your layouts so I look forward to seeing 2 new ones a week this year!!

debbiebakk said...

Love your flower tutorial- i like to try to make most of my embellies if I can- so this is a another great easy one to try. Also I have a few resolutions for the new year. To scrap a page a day for a total of 365 ( which I did 413 in 2010) but it was alot of work, but I enjoy it so much. Also I would like to quit smoking and exercise more often- which I'm working on but not quite there yet.

Anonymous said...

Ok I try to follow your challenge, but this year for me is great : my daughter is wedding in August and I have a lot of decorations to prepare.
Closcrap said...

Love your blog, flower tutorial and your LO!!
2 LO a week sound like I want and will take on the challenge!!...I need the motivation..

alwayscharlie said...

I love all your resolutions! I would like to get more scrapping done this year and get my butt up off the couch and away from the computer! good luck!

Sonia said...

Love your Flower Tutorial, thanks for sharing.
Beautiful LO's
My goals:
Use my scraps up
Use my stamp sets on scrap pages
Spend less $$$
Get more pages done!
Post more regularly on my blog.
Learn to work more quickly on my layout.
Do more Xmas Cards
Do more Mini albums
Happy New Year all!!


Patty Bly said...

Helen, Love the flowers tutorial. Now if I can find the time to make that will be awesome.
My resolutions are as follow:
organize a monthly crop with my friends
-print more pictures
- finish Diego's baby book
- start Addison's baby book.

goatesgirl said...

great job on all the layouts, I am hoping to go back and finish my older albums this year

Crystal said...

Great Flower Tutorial! I'm getting my glue gun out now! They are so cute and affordable, always a plus. My goal is to do 4 pgs per month, I'm starting a new job so I don't know how much time I'm going to have...but good luck on your goal. I know you'll succeed!

linda161 said...

Love all of your blog inspiration. Wish I could say I would finish 2 layouts per week. My goal is to get my scrapbook room organized. I really need to work on this but when I have extra time I always try to do layouts.

niebieskości said...

I must more often clean my craftroom!!! and every week :)
During the week to do something once :)

Linh C. said...

I haven't scrapped in a couple of months. But today, I am beginning to clean my scrap area...again. I hope to get rid of the old to make room for the new. he he.

GreenScrap said...

You have amazingly beautiful and colorful layouts!! Such a great inspiration!! Good luck on the resolutions and I will be with you on the layouts!!! I'm behind too!!
TFS!! Take Care!!
Jennie @

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for the inspiration and the great tutorials

Darlene said...

I loved your new flowers! You inspire me! I need to organize all of my materials. I have so much piled on top of each other that I really don't know what I actually have!