Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tutorial for Father's Day card with origami

You will need:

 thin patterned paper

 bone folder

Cut a piece of 4" x 6" paper for the shirt.
Fold it in half or even better- draw a line with a pen, because you just need the center line for measuring.

Fold the two sides in so that they meet in the middle.
Turn over (so that the opening is facing down) and fold down about 1/2 inch.

Fold over again and make the collar by folding in the two upper corners so that they meet in the middle.


Fold the shirt in half and tuck the bottom in under the collar.

Fold the bottom corners out. Use the middle fold as guideline.


Fold the bottom of the shirt back up again and voila you shirt is done!

One last thing you can do is to cut out a tiny triangle under the arms so it looks more like sleeves.


Time for the tie.
Again- use thin patterned paper.
Cut a 2" square.
Draw a diagonal line in the middle.


Fold in the two sides so that they meet in the middle.


Turn over and fold down the top about 1/3.


Then fold that top up about 2/3. Not all the way up.


Then fold that remaining part as picture shows. This will make the knot of the tie.


Turn over and repeat the first step; fold the two sides so that they meet in the middle.


Turn over and your tie is done!!
Glue your tie to the shirt.
If your guy is not a "tie guy" you can use brads for buttons instead.

I made a super simple card with this.

I just covered a card in paper, cut out some strips, added brads in the corners, glued down the shirt and used my new Cricut cartridge ( Jubilee) to cut out the words.
Perfect for Father's Day June 20!

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Terrie said...

This is fantastic! My son loves origami and he can make this for his dad for Father's Day.

Bellule said...

Sorry for my English too poor ... c'est vraiment une superbe carte origami vraiment originale ... bravo !!

pdrnc said...

I love this card. I will definitely try it for father's day. Thanks for the tutorial.

Sunshine and Shadows said...

We have to try this. Thanks for the detailed instructions.

Melissa Laverty said...

Always wondered how to make these...never thought to use CTMH Perfect Day for a Father's Day Card, but it's perfect!!!

mustangkayla said...

Super cute Helen! Great tutorial! Thanks!

Benita said...

Wauw It's fantastic!

Kristie said...

THANKS Helen! I have wanted to know how to make those shirt cards forEVER!!!

artycrafty said...

oh now this is fab!!!!
thanks so much for the tutorial Love this one so much I'm putting it on my facebook wall!

mica said...

We used to fold notes this way and passed around in High School. Boy, that was a looooong time ago :)

Nicole said...

This is stinkin' cute!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Brenda Johnston said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have always wanted to learn how to make one of these and you made it so easy! Here is a peak at the card I made for Father's Day:
Thanks again!

KellyG said...

That is soooo cool! I am making that for my Dad, husband and both Grandfathers! Thanks!!

Kristie said...

Okay, so I made one. YAY!!!

bakscrap said...

Super cute card. Thanks for the tutorial.

BeeBeebabs said...

very nice tfs

diane55 said...

I used your origami shirt tutorial to make a card for my husband and he loved it! Thanks, Helen. Keep the tutorials coming - I love them...Diane

~~Mia~~ said...

wow, tooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!

Luzia Ishara said...


Megan said...

I loved this tutorial! I just finished making one for my boyfriend's dad yesterday, and I'm already at it again for my own father! A brilliant design which steers well clear of the usual cheesy style.

I would love to re-post this on my own blog, - is this cool with you? Of course, I'll attribute all due credit.

Thanks again for a brilliant design!

fanfan said...

thank you for this tuto. I may try it with my pupils. They are 9. If I manage, i'll send you pictures...

Anonymous said...

j'utilise tout le temps ce tuto et là c'est pour l'anniversaire de mon petit filsd
merci beaucoup pour le partage.

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Waseem said...

I like the tutorial and the brilliant design...I appreciate it.

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Tehmina said...

Thaaankyoooou so.much for the it besst

Tehmina said...

Lots of thanks you are so good

Nermine Ayman said...