Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Printables from France

Remember how I said I wanted a book in French next time? Well, what do you know...I got least a few pages.

Here's a roll up cardstock rose and a lollipop flower that I just cut into fringes or whatever

And here's the uber popular cardstock rose made with two different shaped hearts.
I didn't scrunch them up so much , since the back of the paper was plain. But you can easily fix that, by just putting the paper back in the printer and print on the opposite side.

And here's for you to print out: straight from France! From a flee market there.

How cool isn't that?

Laurence scanned some pages and emailed me.

I have the sweetest blog readers ever. I know it!

I hope I don't brake any copyright laws by posting these here...I'll take the risk...

(click the pictures and then just right click to print them out. I use cardstock when I print stuff like this)

Thank you, thank you Laurence...or I should say- merci beaucoup.
Please, if you use these papers for anything, I would love to see it. Link it here or just email me at

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Nikki Love said...

those flowers are so terrific!!!! love um, Helen ;)

Pepi said...

Me encanta el delicioso trabajo que realizas. Saludos.

Susan said...

VERY COOL! Thanks Helen! Love the printed pages....can't wait to use them!

KellyG said...

Love those flowers you made! Thanks for sharing, I will have to print some of those pages! Thanks to Laurence too!!

Laurence said...

You're welcome ! For the copyright, I don't think you risk anything, it's so old. Thanks for the links to my blog, you're really sweet. If I knew you wanted to print them, I would have done a better scanning, but you managed to make them look straight and nice !

mustangkayla said...

How cool! Thanks!

HazelQ said...

Love the flowers!! Thank you for sharing this cute papers :)

Hayley G said...

Ok, I've just discovered (thank you to Angela) the AAM site, and I'm hoping around. I am in love with all your stuff! I can't wait to give the download paper a try. Thank you Laurence too!

KimR said...

These look great! I tried to make a rolled up rose with the page from an old dictionary I bought--but I couldn't get it to work...I think the paper is just a little to thin.

Nina said...

These are soo wonderful!! I soo need to make some, snagged these pages as well.. thanks for the inspiration!!

li-bee-ti said...

Helen hi,
I love your tutorials! you explain everthing so bright.
I too love those old books and maybe you'll find this site: helpfull for you. I used some of the pages their and the site is on my fav (just like yours, now that i discoverd it...)
thank you again for your sharing.

artycrafty said...

Wonderful flowers!
I've saved the scans. ;) Thankyou so much