Sunday, October 18, 2009

Print on ribbons

So let's continue to talk about this card.

See the ribbon. I made that in the printer...well not the actual ribbon of course, but you know what I mean.

If you like the font, you can download it to your computer from
It cost $0.49 and is called Distressed Typewriter. Click here if you wanna buy it.
(noticed how I always encourage you to spend money;))
It's rather easy to print on ribbons, but you have to be careful.
I had an incident recently that involved tools, cursing and unplugging of printer and turning it upside down. I was NOT happy!
But I was a Scrapper On A Mission and didn't let anything stop me.
You can print titles, journaling or whatever on a ribbon.
Here, I put a measuring tape in the printer and just printed it out on normal printer paper.
Then, take a ribbon of your choice. Preferably light color and not too thick. Use double sided tape and adhere the ribbon on you printed image. Be generous with the tape!! You don't want to make the same mistake as I did, and if you mess up, don't sue me if your printer breaks.
Put the printer paper with the ribbon attached back in the printer and print again. This time your image will appear on the ribbon.

Voila! Not hard at all, but as I said...a little bit risky...and oh by the way...I have tried putting the ribbon diagonal and horizontal and both worked fine.

Here's a layout of my mom expecting me.( She insists that she is 7 months pregnant in this picture. If that's the case, I didn't get her genes for sure. You can barely see her belly and when I was pregnant it was the opposite;you could barely see me! )
If you look closely (or click the pic) you can see that I used a
"homemade-ribbon-measuring-tape" as a border.

I have few more things to share about the card and hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

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mustangkayla said...

How fun is that? I never thought about running ribbon through my printer!

KellyG said...

Love that lo! Great idea to print on ribbon, I would probably end up with the same problems you had!!