Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Printables from France

Remember how I said I wanted a book in French next time? Well, what do you know...I got least a few pages.

Here's a roll up cardstock rose and a lollipop flower that I just cut into fringes or whatever

And here's the uber popular cardstock rose made with two different shaped hearts.
I didn't scrunch them up so much , since the back of the paper was plain. But you can easily fix that, by just putting the paper back in the printer and print on the opposite side.

And here's for you to print out: straight from France! From a flee market there.

How cool isn't that?

Laurence scanned some pages and emailed me.

I have the sweetest blog readers ever. I know it!

I hope I don't brake any copyright laws by posting these here...I'll take the risk...

(click the pictures and then just right click to print them out. I use cardstock when I print stuff like this)

Thank you, thank you Laurence...or I should say- merci beaucoup.
Please, if you use these papers for anything, I would love to see it. Link it here or just email me at

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Use old books,maps etc as patterned paper

(This is the last post about that card I made.)

Usually I'm drawn to bright and vivid colors when I scrap, but once in a blue moon I like to use more "earthy" tones.

It looks so cool to use papers like this for embellishments or just as a patterned paper.

Some manufacturers make paper like that, but you can also make it yourself.

You can use:
  • books
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • music notes
  • dictionaries
  • maps
The possibilities are endless!
EBAY is a perfect place to find all these.
I won a bid on an old book from 1940. I think I paid 49 cents for it+ shipping. I never got it though, because this was when we were moving and I had no address in Japan yet, so I just put my old address down. DUH! It never got forwarded here. Not a big deal. I'll try again. I think I want something in French this time. Everything sounds so much better in French, don't you think?
Yard sales and dusty attics can also be a perfect spot to find old books and dictionaries.
Just remember if you DO use something like that, you will need to spray it with anti-acid spray before putting it on a layout or card.

Here's some pretty flowers that I bought. Two are from Prima and the other one I forgot.

Here's some I made with patterned paper looking like maps and books. Strip flower,lollipop flower and fan fold flowers all work good for this.

If you don't feel like looking around for old books with pages that turned yellow, you can just take any book or today's newspaper and print it on yellow paper. Or you can scan your book or whatever and change the colors with a photo editing software.
I think I'm gonna try to make a cardstock rose with newspaper.I'll let you know how it goes.
For the flower center on the card above,I used twine, I think it's called,

and just rolled it up on a small circle of cardstock. Use fast drying glue.

That's it for this time.
Have a great weekend folks. I'm going to a all-day-crop tomorrow. I can't wait!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Print on ribbons

So let's continue to talk about this card.

See the ribbon. I made that in the printer...well not the actual ribbon of course, but you know what I mean.

If you like the font, you can download it to your computer from
It cost $0.49 and is called Distressed Typewriter. Click here if you wanna buy it.
(noticed how I always encourage you to spend money;))
It's rather easy to print on ribbons, but you have to be careful.
I had an incident recently that involved tools, cursing and unplugging of printer and turning it upside down. I was NOT happy!
But I was a Scrapper On A Mission and didn't let anything stop me.
You can print titles, journaling or whatever on a ribbon.
Here, I put a measuring tape in the printer and just printed it out on normal printer paper.
Then, take a ribbon of your choice. Preferably light color and not too thick. Use double sided tape and adhere the ribbon on you printed image. Be generous with the tape!! You don't want to make the same mistake as I did, and if you mess up, don't sue me if your printer breaks.
Put the printer paper with the ribbon attached back in the printer and print again. This time your image will appear on the ribbon.

Voila! Not hard at all, but as I said...a little bit risky...and oh by the way...I have tried putting the ribbon diagonal and horizontal and both worked fine.

Here's a layout of my mom expecting me.( She insists that she is 7 months pregnant in this picture. If that's the case, I didn't get her genes for sure. You can barely see her belly and when I was pregnant it was the opposite;you could barely see me! )
If you look closely (or click the pic) you can see that I used a
"homemade-ribbon-measuring-tape" as a border.

I have few more things to share about the card and hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

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Fan fold leaves

I made this card for my dear husband and though it's very simple, there's a few things a wanted to show/share.
I decided to split it up to a few blog posts. When I have too many photos to upload I get overwhelmed and mess up. So I'm gonna start with the leafs.

It's a very simple fan fold leaf. Start with a semi circle from patterned paper. Cardstock does not work very well with fan folds.
I just cut out a 2.5" circle with the Cricut and then cut in half.

It's tricky to get the folds small and even...
You can put fast drying glue in between the folds and then pinch together.

Or you can just staple the end together.

The leafs look good with a fan fold flower.
Here I punched one side of the paper before I started folding the flower.

But of course you can use the leafs with any kind of flower. For this layered flower I used 4 layers in two different sizes. I just traced and hand cut them . Then I scrunched them up like a
lollipop flower.

See you real soon!

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