Friday, August 7, 2009

Layouts and organization

It's just an awesome feeling to be sitting at my scrap desk and be surrounded by all my supply again. I couldn't wait to start scrapping for real. Here's three layouts I did the last couple of days:

I bought those stackable paper trays that I wanted. Actually I bought a whole bunch of them, because my plan is to open a little scrapbook store here in our tiny house:)
I just LOVE those shelves and I'm surprised how sturdy they are. I TOTALLY recommend them. I bought them from's superstore. I did not find them any cheaper anywhere else, plus they ship all over the world.
Right now I filled the shelves with my own supply, but once I start to get my whole sale shipments I have to reorganize again.

Another thing I totally recommend are these cello bags that I buy from Ebay. I have all my papers organized by manufacturer and then I have all the different lines from that manufacturer separated in these bags. They are 12 7/16" x 16 1/4" and are resealable.

I also buy the smaller sizes to use for all the cards that I make, just in case I would sell some, someday. It looks so much more appealing in a cello sleeve I think.

Click here to get to Uniquepacking's store at Ebay.
Now I'm off for some more scrapping:)
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Aphra said...

Love how bold and bright your layouts are! Super fun. Good luck with your scrapbook store...I'm sure all your fellow islanders will appreciated it!

sarah said...

LOVE your latest layouts. the pics are adorable!!! the kitty one has such great colors that pop!!

i bought some of those cello bags not too long ago -- they are totally a life saver!

hope you have a wonderful day!


The Mize of Texas said...

I love your blog! I have just found it and will be checking out all of your wonderful ideas regularly. Great job!


Awirahl said...

Så härliga LO`S. Tittar in här allt som oftast för insperation och härliga tips..

Mvh Anna

Nina said...

wow, what great lo's and beautiful children!! The lo's are all rockin!! and you are soo organized!! man I certainly could use you around here!! love those paper stackers!!

Amykins said...

Gorgeous layouts, as usual! Darling pics. Glad you have all of your supplies back and are back in your element. Happy Scrapping!