Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tutorial for gift bows

Have you ever been in a situation where you all of a sudden realize you need to wrap a gift and you have either wrapping papers or ribbon? It seems to happen to me quite often...but NO MORE.

Here's a easy tutorial to make one of those gift bows that you pay dollars for. And when that's done you just use matching patterned paper to wrap your gift. And if you wanna be extra fancy and creative, why don't make a greeting card while you're at it.

As always the measurement's here are very flexible. Both the length and the width of the strips can be changed.Even the amount of strips.

Here I used
4 paper strips X 3.

Cut from DOUBLE sided paper:

4 5/8" x 6"
4 5/8" x 5"
4 5/8" x 4"

Glue the two ends together like shown, so that you will get a loop.

Repeat with all the other strips.

Glue them together by 4's.

Then glue them on top of each other.

Super easy!!

Attach whatever in the middle. The ones that you buy in the store have another small loop in the center.

When you make these you can use glue, tape, staplers or even brads. I have only used a tape runner so far, but if I had a glue gun I think I would have tried that.
Try to make the strips thinner and wider, though I think 1" wide is about the limit. Also try 5 or 6 loops per layer.
I of course had to try to make them with ribbons. There will be no tutorial for that. I don't think I will ever try again. It's hard to find something that makes the ribbons stick together. Again...a glue gun might have worked.
Here's my attempt with Martha Stewart ribbon and patterned paper;

I have actually no idea what next tutorial will be...can I possibly be running out of flower creations?? Not to worry, I have a note book filled with other ideas.
And believe it or not..our shipment has arrived to the island and will be delivered to our house on Saturday...oh joyous day!!
PS. Thankyou all you sweet people for the nice things you say about my blog. It truly brightens my day!
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Lydia Siegel said...

Such a beautiful bow! This will come in handing when I send my little her gift for her soon to be baby girl! Thanks so much for all your tips!

Patti said...

Thank you so much....this is so pretty and looks pretty easy to do now that you've broken it down in a few simple steps. This is why I love your tutorials and blog!

Karen F said...

Thank you. When you use ribbons to make this, You could try using a stapler to attach them. :)

Tiffany said...

I love the bows! I think that the one you did with ribbon looks great! I've always wanted to make bows like that and now I can! Thanks for the tutorial, you know signing up for your blog and tutorials is how I got started in this whole blogging business and now I have one of my own. :)

Debbie said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing!

KellyG said...

You make it look so easy!! Love the results, I will have to try that!

celticmystyc said...

Wow...something so simple can be so complicated looking...BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm looking forward to useing some of my scraps this way.

Oh, and on a different note, I was so tickled to see my entry on your slide show!! Hope your move is going well and that everything arrives (EVERYTHING) and is intact.


Pocono Pam said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial!!! Will give it a try!!!

artycrafty said...

wonderful. This blog is definately a keeper in my feeds forever!!!

You are the best!!

jmj said...

Can't believe how easy it actually is to this bow. Thanks for showing us..

Jennifer said...

I have always wanted to know how to make these! Pretty simple! Thanks! I gave your blog an award today! :)

Liway said...

TFS...these are awesome!! :)

ulrika_m said...

Aaahhh ... so THAT'S how you make those! I love theese bows but never figured out how to make them. Many thanks for sharing!

Nilla said...

That is so beautiful, thanks for sharing! Hugs Nilla

Elysia said...

Oh wow, Helen! These are great! I have often wondered how to do this, but was too lazy to figure it out. Thanks for doing it! lol