Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How-to's for simple ribbon bow

To make this simple bow, you'll need;
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • craft glue
Start with cutting three pieces of ribbon 2 1/2" - 4 1/2"

Add a dot of glue in each end and bend to the center of the ribbon.
Glue them on top of each other.

Attach a small piece of ribbon around the middle of the bow.

You can also tie a ribbon around the middle.

Super easy huh! They would look so cute on a card or a layout or why not attach to a hair clip.
Next time I will show you how to make this bow/flower;

I wanna remind you all of my challenge that's going on right now. Click here to see it. I have only gotten a few submissions and I KNOW that many of you have in fact made at least one of the flowers that I have given tutorials for. So show the rest of us what you came up with. We wanna see!!!
Leave a comment here with a link to your layout.
You have until August 1 and the day after I will draw a random winner who will receive this prize:

12 double sided papers
22 pop-up stickers
from K and Co's line called Happy Trails. Perfect for that road trip, camping trip or beach day.
That's it for this time! Hope you all are enjoying your summer!:)
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Sue said...

Thank you, thanks you Helen, I so need instructions on bows and simple ones at that, thanks honey.

Nina said...

YAH!! it looks soo lovely there on your side bar! if you do you design for your icon, I can take it into my photoshop and resize it for you soo it is just the icon, if that makes sense? Just let me know... but I will be on vacation next week, leaving thursday! THANKS AGAIN!

Nina said...

by the way... lovely bows!! :O)

ulrika_m said...

Ännu en härlig tutorial, tack så mycket! Jag har något till dig (titta in på min blogg så får du se) men jag behöver din adress för att kunna skicka den till dig. Du får gärna maila mig på ulrika dot macgregor at gmail dot com

Ha det så bra!

Judith said...

Helen, I am going to show the "scrap crew" I belong to your bow idea!

perlie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, im at my desk making bows right now ;)