Friday, July 17, 2009

Dahlia flower tutorial

Sorry...but I just can't help it...I guess I'm just drawn to flowers. I had something totally different in mind for this blog post, but then I came across these adorable Dahlia flowers and I just had to try to make them and then of course show you guys how to.

I found them on YouTube and the demonstrator is a Stampin' Up gal named Dawn. Click here to see the video I watched.

I've been thinking about if I should make videos instead of posting a bunch of photos. But personally I prefer pictures. When I watch a video tutorial I have to watch it over and over again until I get it. If I have a photo in front of me I can just STARE at it until I understand. Know what I mean?

Please let me know what you think. Videos or photos?

Anyways, back to the flowers...

you'll need:
  • double sided patterned paper
  • circle punch
  • adhesive
  • flower center (button,rhinestone,brad)

  • ink
  • bone folder
Punch out 8 circles. I used 1" here, but I think 1 1/4" is better. My fingers started to cramp after a while.

Fold them in half and then half again, so that the circles are divided in four quarters.

Fold two edges in so that you will get a point.

Do the same with all 8 circles.

Turn the circle over and fold again so that the two edges meet in the middle. I did a sloppy job here as you can see. I was so eager to get done;)

Repeat with the other circles.

Cut out another circle. This is to glue all the pedals to, so it doesn't matter what color it is.

Cover it with double sided tape.

Start with attaching the pedals to the circle.

This can be a bit least it has been for me; I either have too much space or too little. This one turned out OK.

Finally, add something pretty to the center!

Now I have yet another paper flower to add to my box;)

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Patti said...

I totally agree with you on the video thing....I really enjoy your photos.

Thank you, yet again for another great tute!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE these flowers!! So beautiful! I prefer photos for the same reason....I can go back and study the photo.

colleenak said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I too, prefer the pictures as I can look at them and see more clearly on how to do something. Plus I print it out and sit down somewhere and do this without having my computer right there. You really did a wonderful job! Have a wonderful day!

KellyG said...

Awesome flowers, thanks for sharing! I prefer photos, for the same reason you do!

Sara Gottvall said...

Wow syrran, jag älskar dom där blommorna! Måste testa i morgon! :-)

artycrafty said...

oh that is fantastic. I like the video instruction as well as photo instructions. Which ever form tutorials come in I like. You are doing fab! Love these flowers.

StrawberryPia said...

I aggree with you Helen! Photos are better to stare at! LOL! /Pia

Lydia Siegel said...

SPECTACULAR! I love seeing all the flowers you make! Now I just need to try them...hehehe

lily fairy said...


it's marvellous
thank you very much

i do a little post on our blog for you :))


katou said...

Same for me ,it's always more clear with pictures because it doesn't move.
And your tutorial is so easy too understand.
Great job,thanks for sharing.

HazelQ said...

Wow! I'm glad I found your blog! Your tutorials are amazing!! I like photo tutorials better than video tutorials, I think I understand it better :) Thank you so much for sharing! This flowers are beautiful!

Ladybeth said...

I vote for photos. You can keep each one on the screen for as long as you need it.

Darlene said...

Thanks for all of ur wonderful flower tutorials! keep 'em coming! :)


Leigh said...

found your blog at the weekend and made some of these flowers today.

Thanks for the fantastic tutorials.

You can see my cards using the flowers here.

Gin said...

These are beautiful. thanks for sharing. Definately prefer photo's.

Alanna said...

I love these flowers! Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us! I can't wait to try out this technique!

Dayna said...

WOW!! Amazing flowers!! I love the photo tutorials too!! Much easier to follow along with then a video :)

SuzanneRenee said...

I love your photos, they are easier than stopping a video every time you need to go back. I just made two of these beauties and they are addicting! Thanks for the tutorial!

Glen said...

These are beautiful and stylish. I do prefer photos but sometimes I like to watch a video. Thank you for sharing. ~Glen~

Lill said...

så utrolig masse flotte blomster du lager..har lenge vært på jakt etter noe jeg kan bruke restearkene mine på..dette var midt i blinken..tusen takk:)
ha en fin dag

Filledesilles said...

This flower is absolutely beautiful! I put a link to this tutorial on my blog here:


Sunshine and Shadows said...

I love these. Thanks for posting the instructions.

Anonymous said...

Love these flowers. Will try them this weekend. I prefer photos to video also.
Small nit pick - they are petals, not pedals

cowbelleru said...

I'm so with you. I like the written reciepe and pictures. I'm really enjoying your flower tutorials. TFS.

cowbelleru said...

I'm so with you. I like the written reciepe and pictures. I'm really enjoying your flower tutorials. TFS.

Laura said...

I LOVE!!!! I used this tutorial to make a bunch of my own! love the contrast between patterns, i used my own vintage buttons. check out my blog

scrappy girl said...

I love this!! Now I have to go try some of my own!!!
I prefer photos to videos that way it is easier for me to follow along! I don't like watching videos over and over and over. Once is good but as they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words"
Thanks for doing them this way for us!

KarenB said...

Hi Helen, even after a few years I still use these flowers :) My most recent layout is here:

Thanks again xx

Patti aka NW Lady said...

Love these flowers, and yes I agree sometimes they can be a little tricky but the end result is so worth it!

Cindy said...

Photos for sure. I am the same way with videos

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and watched all your tutorials. Last night I started making some flowers. I'm pretty impressed! Thank you so much. I needed to watch the video once and then used your pictorial. That was a perfect combination for me.

Niwa said...

what lovely flowers. I have to try these out.
thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


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Can you advise me that what kind of fabric should be the best to make this kind of creation.

Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer said...

Any ideas on how to avoid the "too little/too much space" issue? I cannot for the life of me get the petals to match up. :(

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