Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Magnolia stamps

Volvo, ABBA, IKEA, H&M..and now you can add one more thing to the list of greatness coming from Sweden...Magnolia stamps. You know,Tilda and Edwin,the kids with no mouths (oboy! wouldn't that come in handy sometimes)
Wherever I turn I see these super popular stamps;
Ebay, Etsy and plenty of blogs.
They have really grown on me and I had to break down and order some;)
The Swedish website is www.magnolia.nu and from there you can go to the english web shop, the inspiration blog and the stamp club.

You can also order from www.magnoliastamps.us. They have soooo many stamps and awesome tutorials on how to paint those cute little kiddos. That's a science itself!

I have understood that the best markers to use are called Copic Markers, because they blend so good. Of course I wanted to go ahead and order those too, but the price for 36 markers was $179!!!?? I think I will start with using the kids Crayola markers..LOL! I really like that website www.magnoliastamps.us because they have an awesome selection and lots of tutorials as I said, but I didn't order from them. When I shop online it has to be easy and fast with as few clicks as possible. I don't think that website met that criteria.

I ordered my Magnolia stamps from www.hallmarkscrapbook.com. That's the site where I always order my Cricut cartridges from. They only had a handful of stamps, but it was more than enough for me. If I have too much to choose from I get indecisive and usually end up getting nothing.

So if you don't have any magnolia stamps yet and are thinking about buying some, I would recommend http://www.hallmarkscrapbook.com/.

Here are a few beautiful cards that I copied from Magnolias DT...I DID NOT MAKE THESE!

I know I will never be able to make pretty cards like that, but I will for sure try my best. I can't wait to get my stamps later this week and I might just show you how they turn out after I go wild with the Crayola markers...or maybe not:)

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jajeem said...

They are just great but don´t forget hÄnglar & stÄnglar. I think their stamps are even prettier!



craftysprinkles said...

Great site.. I saw your really cute tutorials so I added you as a link on my blog for that reason. Cute stuff!!

Debbie said...

I just found your web site - July 4th. I love your ideas. Thanks for sharing. All of your flower tutorials are so much fun. I'll have to give them a try.

Nina said...

Helen, Youd did a wonderful job on these cards!! They are all soo beautiful!! Can't wait to see some more!!

Charlie said...

Loving Magnolia AND Hänglar and have made quite a few cards with both. Looking forward to see some of yours. HEJ

etdevlie said...

You will love copic markers. I geet mine from a site called www.Oozak.com If you regester with them you can get the markers for$4.15EACH. This is a super good price. Hope this helps

Sylvia Meppen-Rentenaar said...

Lovely are'nt they?
I use Aquamarkers to colour them in...much cheaper...You can also use waterpaint....I also use distress markers. But you can also buy refills...You can use them for a long time...Just add some water.
Good luck!