Saturday, June 13, 2009

What to do with paper scraps?

Someone once called me "queen of scraps", because I'm pretty good at using all those little leftover papers. I don't throw anything away when it comes to scrapbook papers.

Here are some different layouts where I used only scraps paper. Some of them are a little bit older and not very good, but just ignore that. I just want you to get some ideas for using all those small left over pieces.

Cut out CIRCLES ( by hand, with punches or a die cut machine)

Circles in a row:


Circles in clusters:

And then we have STRIPS.

Vertical strips:

Weaved strips:

Horizontal strips:

Tiny strips:

SQUARES are perfect for scraps. Here are first some with rounded corners:

Overlapping squares:

Color blocking:


So dig out that scraps box and do a little frugal scrapbooking today!:)

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mustangkayla said...

Fun layouts! I am a huge scrap saver too! Thanks for the great ideas!

Amykins said...

Even when you're in a hotel room without all of your scrap supplies, your mind is still turning with inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

KellyG said...

Great examples! I do this sometimes, but probably not often enough! Thanks for the inspiration!

Awirahl said...

Thanks for the examples.
Great ideas and inspiration.

I try to do this to but some time the inspiration is far a way..


Leesa said...

Thank you so much for all of these AWESOME ideas on how to use the scraps. I have a ton of scraps and never seem to use them. Great ideas!

Jeanne said...

Wow.... great layouts! Thanks for the inspiration. I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and I'm adding it to my reader as one of my favorites. :)

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Great ideas! Loved how they turned out!

Silvia Jacinto said...

I accidentally viewed your blog and I was so amazed with your work that it touched the deepness of my heart and it made me sentimental. Thanks for posting. Visit my site too.