Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tutorial for strips flowers

I was inspired by these fabric flowers from Pink Paislee. So easy to make myself, I thought!
I used patterned paper and decorative scissors and tried to copy them. For some reason they did not turn out pretty at all. :(

I made some changes and this is how they ended up looking;

You hardly need any instructions on how to make them, but here's a quick how-to anyways.

Cut thin strips of card stock or patterned paper. Use trimmer, normal scissors or decorative scissors. The strips can be any width and length. If the length is uneven doesn't matter. Just trim them later.
You can use as many strips as you like, but I would say use at least 8 of them.

Just glue the strips on top of each other.

Finish off with a button, brad, rhinestone or just a circle of matching paper.
Dress them up with Stickles or give them a distressed look with ink and roughing the edges with a scissors.
I like to gently bend the strips up a bit, for added dimension.

You can have all the strips the same length or do the top layer shorter as the Pink Paislee flowers.

Not gorgeous or anything, but they could definitively add something extra to a scrapbook page or card. And could it be any cheaper,easier and faster to make!!

Here is something that you will not see a tutorial on anytime soon. I made my first pop up card! Sorry to say; but it was a pain in know what!!
I found instructions in a book and I think I read them about 10 times before I could even start. I'm so blond sometimes!!

I might give it another try some day, but not this week;)
If you look closely you can see some quilling in the flowers...that was the only easy part.

I hope some of you are up for a challenge. I planning to start my first challenge later this week, so see you soon!:)

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KellyG said...

Love that pop up card! Great job! Looks like it would be a pain to make!

artycrafty said...

cool pop up card and those flowers are cool. I too am always looking at embellishments saying to myself.... How do I make that?!!!

mustangkayla said...

What a pretty pop up card!

artycrafty said...

Hey I've given you a blog award. hop on over to my blog to see.

Shelstan said...

I love your take on the flowers. I wonder if you are feeling frustrated about them because the original strips on the flowers look a tad bit thicker than yours? I think yours are simply great!

Coretta said...

I have had one layout sitting on my desk for about a month. I just couldn't figure out how to finish it... This strip flower was perfect! I can't even count how many flowers I had tried to put in the space and none of them were working for me. I didn't glue the strips one at a time... I just lined them up straight in a pile, punched a hole in the middle with my crop-a-dile, and then stuck a brad through it to hold it together, no waiting for glue to dry! then I just fanned out the strips and stuck it on the page! I love it!!