Sunday, May 24, 2009


Have you ever tried quilling? It's super simple and I don't think embellishments could be any cheaper to make! I'm not talking about making big peacocks or anything. The quilling I have tried is on a very basic level. Like these flowers here;

You can use cardstock or double sided patterned paper, but I think solid colors look best. You can also buy precut quilling strips, but that's totally a waste of money in my opinion.
Dig up your cardstock scraps and cut thin strips, no more than 1/8" wide. The length is up to you. I usually use strips between 6" and 8" long.

I have quilled without a quilling tool. I think I used my paper piercer, but it's so much easier when you have the right tool. It costs about 3-4 dollars.

Put the very end of your strip into the opening of the quilling tool and start rolling the paper in between your thumb and index finger. Actually when I think about it, you are just holding the paper still while you roll the handle.

Put a tiny bit of glue at the end of your strip when you are done and squeeze to your circle. Before you do this - decide how tight you want the circle to be rolled.
If you wanna make one of those simple flowers I made, you will need one circle in the middle and 5-7 around.
Use fast drying glue and glue the circles to the middle one. And don't forget to put glue in between them as well.
To make a leaf, you do the same thing, but don't have the rolls so tight. Then you just pinch one end of the circle to make it look like a leaf.

Easy enough huh?

Look what I bought from Martha Stewart. Doesn't it look super simple to make yourself?
Here is a layout from last year where I used some quilling in the middle of the flowers.
(Click to enlarge!)

I have bought a book about quilling and I thought I should move on to the more complicated stuff. Give this a try, so that you can move on with me!
PS. Come back on Tuesday..I have had my blog for a month then and will celebrate with a nice giveaway!
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April said...

Those look fantastic!! I may have to try my hand at this and see what happens... ;)
- April

Nikki Love said...

what an awesome tutorial, Helen!!!! Now I wanna try some quilling :)

artycrafty said...

wonderful! I daren't start up another "hobbie" but maybe..... ;)

Kristen said...


Ann Lihl said...

I love love love your stuff, Helen!! I love all your tutorials and everything! Very inspiring!

Njeri said...

I discovered quilling sometime ago and I AM ADDICTED! My tools are rather simple- i cut a slit on a wooden toothpick and stick it into an pen that has run out of ink (think of a sharp pencil) and voila, it works as well as the expensive stuff. I cut all the paper by hand which is not hard coz one card will not use a lot. Thanks for sharing this and looking forward to your giveaway.
One of the best quilling blogs i have found is
Hugs from Kenya.