Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fan flower tutorial

I know I said I would give a tutorial on those "Joy-fold cards", but honestly..I have only made one of them before and when I started to make some more, they didn't turn out very good:( that has to wait...

Instead I will share a how-to for these fan-flowers. Simple and cheap to make!

Start with cutting a strip from your scraps paper. It can be a patterned or solid paper,doubled sided or will all look good. Try to avoid too heavy paper like cardstock.

The flower will by twice the width you choose, so I usually go with something between 1/2" - 1".
You can cut a straight edge or use decorative scissors.

Next step can be a little frustrating; to make the fan fold..and to keep the folds the same size. Make them as small as possible - about 1/8".

The length of the strip can be anything from 8 -12 inch. The shorter,the more stretched out the fold will be and make the flower a little bit flatter.
When you are done, turn the folded strip upside down.
This part is very me...I've messed up so many times.
When you have it upside down, both ends should point up, if you know what I mean. It's hard to explain,but I hope you can see how it looks in the picture. The reason that this is so important, is that the folds has to be even.

Put a bit of glue or tape on those two ends,but on the side that will be facing up.And then staple them together.

Turn the "thingy" inside out..this can also be a little bit get all the folds right.

For the next step you will need "quick drying glue". I always get the Scotch brand and I know they sell it at Walmart and Michael's.
Cut out a circle slightly smaller than the flower. It's perfect to use scraps cardstock for this. Put glue on the circle.

Put the flower on top of the circle and press down for about 1 minute.

Then - attach a larger brad to the middle of the flower and trough the cardstock circle. This is how it will look from underneath:

Finally you can ink the edges if you like that look. Also - if you have simple brads or the wrong color you can just cut out a small circle from matching paper and glue it on top of the brad.

Voila! Your own handmade embellishment!
Please let me know if you try this. Leave a commment with a link to your creations!:)
Regarding the givaway from the other day... I have to read through all the comments again and make the hard decision. I will let you know tomorrow or friday!

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Cathy said...

what a great idea, will try these int he near future.

mustangkayla said...

Fun! Thanks for the tutorial! I tried my darndest to glue a flower like this down and did do it, but it would be so much eaiser to staple the ends together and then glue it! My only complaint is that its so thick for a layout. I probably won't be doing them often on a layout but will be using them lots for cards and alterables!

Jane said...

wow girl!!!! I love these!!! thanks for the complete tutorial!!!!

sandie said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I am going to try this out today! Will let you know the outcome!

Scrappycath said...

OMG I was thinking of making one of these for a card last night! So I glad I visited your blog. Thank you for sharing this detail.


Debra said...

Gorgeous Helen...will be adding some of these to my dgd page soon...:)

SARA said...

Dom är super fina syrran! Jag gjorde flera stycken i går kväll! Efter ett tag får man in det rätta knycket!

hannie said...

Thanks for sharing. with those clear pictures and clear instruction, it sure help!

Nina said...

wow... how fun are these.. I will for sure be making some of these for lo's and cards.. thanks for sharing, can't say I have seen these anywhere, now we will probably see the everywhere!! :O) thank for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These are soo cute.....ya know, they could also be used as umbrellas least that's kinda what I saw when I looked at them....Love your tutorials and looking forward to the "joy-fold" card. Thank you so much!!!! Patti

Sue said...

Another I am so impressed Helen, your tutorials are so easy to follow, I'll be adding these to my layouts soon. Thanks!

LotsToScrap said...

Thanks Helen I have seen these around and tried to figure it out on my own but failed. I knew you were the right place to come~ Off to fold...

Marta said...

Helen thanks so very much for the flower tutorials!!!! I am loving them. Just made a beautiful flower for teh cover of my latest book. I actually tore the Prima off that I put on there and added my own - looks much better!
Lov'in your blog - just happened on to it this week. Thanks again

Beth said...

Great instructions....right down to the "thingy"

Montse said...

Thank you for the instructions, beautiful flowers, I get some of them and users in my creations Im new in this and I agree the tutorials. Thanks again. Regards from Spain.

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