Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another cardstock rose tutorial!

Here comes another card stock rose tutorial! This one is super simple! Will take you about 10 minutes to make.

All you need is;
  • scraps of card stock
  • fast drying glue
  • scissors
  • ink
  • glimmer mist

Cut out a spiral with diameter about 4 ". Usually I don't even draw on the card stock. I just cut away. Make sure to leave a spot in the middle about 1".

Ink the edges if you like and then comes the bend down the edges. This makes all the difference.

Start from the outside and roll to the middle. Another trick is to try to roll the bottom edge a little bit tighter than the top edge. So that the rose will kind of get a cone shape.
When you are done rolling up the rose, put glue in the middle part and press the whole rose on top and hold down for a while.

You can finish off with glimmer mist and hand cut some leaves and attach under the rose.

I think they are so pretty. Now I just have to find some use for them;)
I stole this idea from a very talented lady;

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Nina said...

WOW! I really love all these flowers you have posted here in the last few posts... I certianly will be using them as soon as this next week is past and I am back to normal and all the graduation stuff is over! ((big sigh)) :O)

artycrafty said...

very cool.

anuchi said...

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Manda_K said...

WOW!!! I love these!! Going to make a few now!

Inna D. said...

Seems like I've been making those roses for years :), but you idea of bending down the edges is really great! Love it! Thank you so much for sharing.

Edi Art said...

Amei que lindas!!!! parĂ¡bens pelo blog e projetos!!!!!

Darien said...

This roses are gorgeous!!!! I cant wait to try!! Thank you for the tutorial!!

LindaS said...

I love your flower tutorials - they are all so pretty - that I gotta try them. Thanks for sharing.

Teri said...

:) just wanted to let you know that I made some of these from your tutorial and posted a link on my blog. Thanks for such a great tutorial! :)

scrapr57 said...

I did it!!! So fun, easy and so darned CUTE!! I just did it on a scrap piece of solid cardstock the 1st piece I found...Olive green..wasn't sure how big to make my cirlce so it's small but so cute...can't wait to play and make the others...thank you for sharing!

Meghan said...

I just made three and was able to use all in a project even though they were my first attempts. Great flowers, thanks for the instructions!

Anonymous said...

what do you mean roll starting from the outside? i have no idea how to roll these flowers :(

Caitlin said...

I rolled them, sprayed them with glitter, put some felt and and a hair clip on the back and BAM. instant adorable hair accessories <3